10 Killer Negotiating Tools that will Turn You into a Master Negotiator

Learn to become a master negotiator with these 10 proven tools that will give you a serious edge at the negotiating table. This is part of a new series called Business Tips, Tricks and Techniques.

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Do you want to become a better negotiator? Then this course is for you! There is both an art and science to negotiating and in this course we will teach you both.

You will get 10 powerful negotiating tools that will give you that edge in any negotiations. These tools will allow you not only close your deals faster but get exactly what you want out of the deals you are negotiating.

Course Content:

  • Tool #1: Always Let the Other Person Go First
  • Tool #2: Both Parties Feel Some Pain in a Good Negotiation
  • Tool #3: Put it in the Parking Lot
  • Tool #4: Leave Your Ego at the Door
  • Tool #5: Don’t Negotiate with Yourself
  • Tool #6: Know Your Deal Killers
  • Tool #7: Put the Deal on Your Paper
  • Tool #8: Escalate to God 
  • Tool #9: Be Careful of Deal Fatigue
  • Tool #10: Know Thy Opponent

What you'll learn

  1. Learn how to get exactly what you want out of the deals you are negotiating
  2. Better understand your opponent so you can maximize your deal while giving them much of what they want
  3. Learn your deal killers and how to provide alternatives to keep the deal alive

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