Achieve Your Dream

A Bestselling Author Reveals A Turbocharged Success System to Getting Anything You Want As Soon As Possible

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"Achieve Your Dream" is a concise, inspirational, and motivational course designed to help you focus on your main goal for this year and then nail it in the shortest possible time. 

In a series of sixteen 'talking head' videos, Rob Parnell - author of over 30 bestselling self-help books - delivers a strategy that can change your life for the better. 

If you've ever had a dream and feel that now is the time to make it a firm reality, then this course could be the magic key you need to open the door to a brighter future. 

Become Master Of Your Own Destiny in Less Than Two Hours

In this potentially life-changing course, you'll discover how to:

  1. See your goals as physical locations towards which you're traveling
  2. Balance your mind, body, and spirit to ensure success
  3. Acquire boundless motivation and enthusiasm - instantly
  4. Zone in on what your really want
  5. Quickly gain the skills you need for any goal
  6. Prepare for any challenge and defeat it
  7. Ensure you're in tip top shape for the journey ahead
  8. Avoid dead ends, sharks, rogues, and roadblocks
  9. Stay focused until your goal is nailed

Finally create the life you want - and soon - by following Rob Parnell's simple, step-by-step, instructional videos. 

Fifteen years ago, your personal host and success coach, Rob Parnell, needed a way out of the nine to five, one that would provide a new income and better life. 

He found that by carefully identifying his goal and then systematically working towards it, anything seemingly impossible could be achieved. 

Since then, he has used his simple strategy - and success mindset - to create all kinds of new and exciting realities for himself. 

Rob does not claim to have invented the strategy, only to simplifying goal achievement for any area, whether to do with weight-loss, business start up, to career changing, to writing a novel. 

Whatever your most cherished dream, you will no doubt benefit from Rob's unique "Easy Way" vision.

As Rob says: "When you take total responsibility for your destiny, you can achieve anything you imagine."

Each lesson is around five minutes and full of advice, guidance and simple strategies for instant life-change and goal attainment. 

You can apply the strategies to any goal you may wish to acquire. 

Step by simple step, this course will guide you through the process of acquiring a success mindset, then help you to identify your most important goal. 

Using the analogy of driving a fast car, the course will help you visualize your goal as an actual destination. 

You will learn that a healthy balance between your mind, your body and your spirit is all you need to maintain the motivation, focus and perseverance to achieve any goal.

The course uses a combination of down home advice, simple exercises, and self-analysis templates to direct you on a journey to your dream, whether it's big or small. 

You are encouraged to make daily lists, first to help visualize your success and then to track your progress as you move inevitably toward your pre-ordained destination.

Achievement is about preparing the ground and being equipped. The advice and guidance you receive throughout this course will help your overcome self-doubt, external challenges and internal demons in a safe environment - your own home - and at your own speed.

At the end of this course, armed with Rob Parnell's simple success strategies, you will be well-equipped to take on any goal and succeed in the shortest possible time. 

Who this course is for

  1. This course is for anyone who normally sets resolutions but who may not have had much success in the past. 
  2. For anyone who wants to become a full time goal achiever


  1. Rob is a good instructor, gives information in a concise and positive format ~ Mary J
  2. "We are the creators of our Universe" Rob lays it all out in his emotive style. This is a masterpiece that will take you on the journey you so wish for yourself ~ B Grimm
  3. Rob's lectures are precise and clear, and he does an excellent job of getting to the point quickly. I loved watching Rob talk about a topic that he obviously believes in whole-heartedly. I will definitely be reviewing this course again and again! ~ Cassie R
  4. This course is entertaining as well as informative. Who would have thought of an anthology of getting behind the wheel. I liked the way Mr. Parnell pointed out not to achieve your goals before you finish them. And the best thing is not even to tout them when you are finished, unless a person asks. Hard to do. I also liked the way he pointed out writing is a destination and a journey. You get behind the wheel, start the engine, and follow your plan on how to get there. I agree with him, enjoy the journey. I would recommend this class It sure isn't boring! ~ R Staley

What you'll learn

  1. Achieve any personal goal in the shortest possible time
  2. Discover a simple strategy for permanent life enhancement


  1. No experience or special skills necessary.
  2. Just bring enthusiasm and a willingness to get whatever you want.

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