Advanced People Management

How to handle the Difficult, Emotional & Awkward Aspects of People Management!

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Advanced People Management: What They Don't Tell You!

This is about the tough, awkward, emotional conversations that you NEED to have to be an effective leader!

This course focuses on all of the aspects of team leading that you may not find in other courses. The tough stuff! The awkward and emotional conversations. The stuff you won't like dealing with, but will have to.

I've been managing people for over 20 years and have had to deal with all of these situations. And you will have to as well! You won't see many of these subjects in a lot of other courses!

Topics like:

Management vs Coaching

We hear a lot about coaching. Managers are encouraged to act as coaches to get the best from their teams, but often the specific skills involved in coaching are sometimes not fully understood. So let's talk about the difference between managing and coaching.

Establishing a Great Culture of Fairness

Culture - You'll hear this word an awful lot as a manager or a leader. And it's very important that you understand what culture means, why it is important, and what you can do to create the culture that you want within your own team and amongst your own people.

Being A Great Listener

How you can have much better conversations with your colleagues and team simply by improving the way you actually listen to people. There's more to it than you might think.

What NOT To Say To Your Team!

So if you're hearing these 5 things from your manager, leadership or colleagues then that's a red flag that you might be working with some of these people. And it's certainly a reminder to always be self-aware enough to ensure you don't fall foul of these guaranteed morale destroyers.

How To Handle Team Mistakes!

There will be times where even the most skilled and high performing individual drops the ball. That could be a minor fumble under pressure, or it could be a catastrophic championship losing miss with the eyes of the world on them. And when it all hits the fan the role of the team manager and leadership comes into play. This is where you come in. This is why you're in that position.

When You Need To FIRE Someone

Ever fired someone? It's not easy, and can be traumatic for everyone, but as a manager you'll have to do it. I'm gonna tell you the main reasons that people get fired.

Mastering Tough Conversations

Top tips you can use now to make your work conversations more effective, more valuable and more fun. If you’re at all serious about wanting to progress at work and develop your career! Build those great relationships that everyone talks about then you’re going to have a lot of conversations.

This course will significantly improve your understanding of leadership and allow you to evaluate, assess and develop people that will fit into your team and enhance the culture of your organisation.

Whether you're an experienced leader, or someone just starting out on their journey, this guide to being a people manager will certainly be useful. You'll build your skills as a people manager and be able to handle the tough situations with ability & confidence!

New Manager Mastery Series

This course is part of a 7-part series called New Manager Mastery. Just search for Paul Banoub to find other associated courses. Here is a list of all the courses in the program:

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  6. Practical Leadership: A Complete Guide to Great Leadership
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Any questions, let me know. I love answering your queries.

Thanks for signing up - enjoy the course.

Who this course is for

Leaders with a desire to learn and develop their people empowerment.

What you'll learn

  1. The advanced aspects of people management & psychology
  2. Dealing with awkward and emotional conversations
  3. Things to say and not to say to your team
  4. Handling team mistakes and crucial conversations


Only a desire to learn and evolve skills and people management.

Course Content

6 Sections 11 Lectures 1h 1m total length

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