Aesthetic Microneedling

Suitable for Beauty Therapists, Aestheticians and others with an interest in this field who wish to explore this area.

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Microneedling is one of the most lucrative fields to get into in professional beauty and skin care. Microneedling jump starts the skin's natural regenerative processes, diminishing fine lines wrinkles and improving overall skin appearance and health. This course is adapted from an accredited professional course, designed and written in an easily understandable format, for the complete beginner and practicing professional alike. Who wishes to explore the beauty industry to gain the theory and practical skills in order to enter this field, or it can be used for interest only. It lays the basic foundations in important core subjects to build underpinning knowledge and understanding which can be applied to safe, competent autonomous clinical practice.

Each lesson follows on in a logical manner, from the previous one, building knowledge and understanding and resulting in the application of learned practical skills.

Who this course is for

This course would suit Beauty Therapists, Aestheticians and Spa owners with an interest in this field who wish to explore a full course.


  1. Very nice course I understood everything thank you ~ Shirlene P
  2. High quality learning ~ Kevin H
  3. Explains easily and efficiently and I like the little demonstrations ~ Marlene F
  4. Great teaching so far compared to the other courses ~ Linnette J

What you'll learn

  1. Features and benefits of microneedling. 
  2. History of aesthetic microneedling. 
  3. Indications for use in common treatable skin conditions. 
  4. Integration with other treatments and products for optimal affects. 
  5. Procedure check lists and clinical routine. 
  6. Sharps injury first aid. 
  7. Hygiene/infection control and full clinical set up and procedure. 
  8. Consultation, skin analysis, Fitzpatrick, law, consent, documentation, and contra-indications. 
  9. Types of equipment commonly used (Pen machines, rollers and hybrid tattoo machines). Speed & depth of treatment.
  10. Pathophysiology of wound healing applied to wound healing. 
  11. Fetal wound healing and stem cells as applied to microneedling clinical practice. 
  12. Collagen and collagenesis. 
  13. Aftercare, contra-actions, trouble shooting and common microneedling problems. 


  1. There are no particular requirements as the course starts from the very basics and builds up to professional level.
  2. So little to no background is needed.
  3. However, those who possess qualifications and experience in the beauty field will be at an advantage. 

Course Content

13 Sections 14 Lectures 1h 23m total length

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