Appreciating Poetry

Last updated 6/2022 English

This is a course for anyone who wishes to know more about poetry but may have been put off it at school, or find the subject daunting. We will look at ten poems in some detail as well as discussing how a poem is constructed and what it sets out to do. If you love language and literature and wish to know more about some of the greatest writers in English, this course is for you.


My first instinct was to skip the introduction and move right into the poems; but I decided to listen to it, and I did, and I found it very interesting ~ Larry Bkolman

What you'll learn

How to analyse how a poem is constructed, how it uses language and what it tries to do in terms of emotional engagement with the reader.


A good knowledge of English will be very helpful.

Course Content
11 Sections 22 Lectures 2h 0m total length