Basics of English for Beginners

Last updated 5/2022 English

In this course, you can find all the basics of the English language that you need to start learning English and getting better at it. This course can also be very helpful if you are trying to get better scores in English lessons at your school or if you are thinking of applying for a better job that requires a good knowledge of English.

Who this course is for
  1. People who want to learn English as a foreign language
  2. Students who want to get good scores in English lessons in school
  3. People who want to get good scores in English language tests
  4. People who want to apply for better jobs by having good knowledge of English
What you'll learn
  1. The basics of the English language
  2. The sentence structure of English language
  3. How to build sentences in English
  4. Basic Grammar Rules
  5. Punctuation Rules

Desire to learn.