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Confidence is essential to living a full life.

It can be the crucial difference getting or not getting what you want:

  1. Getting a job, or seeing it go to someone else
  2. Being accepted onto a course you want to study, or being rejected
  3. Managing a project successfully, or being ignored and talked over by louder (often less qualified) colleagues
  4. Persuading people to back your new venture, or being told to ‘go away and think again’
  5. Making a real connection with another person, or somehow feeling you’ve not been seen.

Confidence is not a trick.

If you try to fake it, you WILL be found out, because faking fools no one. You might fool people for a little while, but you will be found out. Once you have lost people's trust, it's a tough job to win it back again.

Confidence is a mindset.

Confidence comes from disciplined ways of thinking. It's a mental technique. It’s real.

And it's available to you.

That’s what this course is all about - teaching you techniques to experience life with authentic confidence, making real connections, communicating clearly and being the best version of you.

Forgive Yourself

You are not perfect, as no one on this planet is. Can you let go of the things that have happened and forgive yourself for being human? Being human means learning through experience.

Have Your Own back!

Having your own back means the same as having your friend’s back. Be there for yourself, stand up for what’s right for you and do whatever feels right for you. When things get scary or overwhelming, remind yourself that you are there for you and you are not going anywhere!

Listen to Your Body

Your body will guide you to find the answers that you have been searching for. Notice when your body begins to feel fatigued, tense or hyper. Close your eyes and breathe into the feeling. What is the feeling trying to convey? Is it asking you to slow down and rest, stay away from someone, or release your energy?

Do Something You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Is there something you have always wanted to try but felt like it’s not possible at the moment? Excuses like, 'it’s too expensive', 'too far', 'too hard' stop you– well here is your opportunity to shake things up and actually do it. Make a list of 5 things and choose one option to commit to. Take one small step today in order to make it happen (Googling it counts). Put it out there and tell all your friends that you are doing it.

Say What You Need to Say

More than just another John Mayer song – saying what you need to say means acknowledging your inner voice instead of silencing it. This can be scary if you are avoiding conflict, are worried about how it will affect others, and want to be seen in a certain way. The key is to honestly share what you feel while acknowledging the entirety of the other person. Ask yourself – am I blaming them, putting pressure on them or am I simply sharing my own truth?

You'll emerge from the course with tools for life. They’re tools you’ll return to again and again over the years, as you adapt and grow through each twist your life takes. They’re tools that will help your confidence grow from year to year, helping you achieve the fullest, most present and most authentic version of YOU that you can!

There are no tricks in this course. The videos and downloads distill what I’ve learned over thirty years of work as an actor, writer, director, academic, coach, researcher, mentor and author in the UK, Australia, America. China, India, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Colombia, Greece, Sweden and many other countries. My work over the decades has taken place in leading performance training schools and on professional stages, as well as in corporate and community settings.

I train people to be confident doing difficult things in front of other people!

That’s what I want to offer you.

The foundation for all of these skills and strengths is unshakeable confidence. Develop it!

Who this course is for

  1. Interviewees
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Initiators of new projects
  4. Freelancers (or those about to go freelance)
  5. Educators, Community Activists and Corporate change-makers


  1. I loved the conversational presentation style in this course, and the ways in which the presenter drew together different ideas to create a whole new perspective on how to be confident. The Principles are fantastic tools that can be readily applied ~ Deborah M
  2. It has a very concise structure, it mentions profound things but makes you observe then in another point of view! I love its delivery, I learned a lot of things and I truly find it useful not only in the scope of reclaiming your confidence, but helps you in ways well beyond the scope of this course ~ Yoryos S
  3. A very good match, I've just finished a course of 1:1's with John and this is helping me to consolidate so I'm revisiting lessons whilst undertaking this course ~ Michelle P

What you'll learn

  1. Why your opinions are not always helpful.
  2. How to work out the difference between essential, optional and dumb ways of paying attention.
  3. Why enjoying yourself is not some ‘optional extra’ - it’s the very heart of confident living!
  4. The importance of knowing when NOT to do things
  5. Why being helpful doesn't help (and why that’s not the same as being selfish and competitive)
  6. Why Authentic Presence is the heart of all true experience and effective communication


  1. I have made this course as accessible as possible. It is for junior and senior staff, people just starting out and people who want to try a new direction.
  2. It's for anyone who wants to live a fuller and more confident life.
  3. All you need is the time to do the work and the commitment to make the very best life for you that you can.

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