Being a Productivity Guru: Efficiency Tips & Tricks

Learn productivity strategies and practical methods to be more effective personally and professionally.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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*Bonus Feature!* Every student who has taken this course will be entitled to a 15 min free coaching session with the instructor Perçin İmrek.

*Another bonus feature!* There are more than 10 business people from different backgrounds, professions whom I have interviewed on their productivity journey at the last part of our training.

We all have 24 hours. Then what makes the difference between an extremely efficient person and a person who does not reach their full potential?

If you are happy being a regular Joe, fine. If not, then it is imperative that you improve yourself day by day, both personally and professionally.

This course aims to help you learn productivity strategies and practical methods to be more effective in your life. Both personal and professional life.

The instructor of this course, Perçin İmrek, is a famous international speaker, who has published 6 books so far, has given a TED talk, delivered trainings in more than 40 countries and visited more than 80 countries. He has his own training firm, Bosphorus Story House, and his own start-up, Natively. With all these, he still spares time for his leisure activities; which are traveling, dancing, singing, and playing games.

In this course, Perçin comes to you with a holistic approach, with topics ranging from time management to stress management, from knowing oneself to mindfulness. 

If you are ready to turn yourself into a more efficient person and increase the quality of your life, this course is for you!

Welcome to your new life :)

Who this course is for

Anyone who is willing to improve themselves in their personal & professional lives.


  1. Honest, transparent and goal-oriented. Loads of valuable tips and knowledge based on practical experience by the author ~ L Irureta-Goyena
  2. Thanks for this course. I believe it pays off the value I paid for it with it's long and comprehensive format. I had some new insights from Perçin and also from various productive people in the interview section ~ A Erdem
  3. If you are procrastinating a lot, and if you don't know how to manage your time, besides all these you are trying to find the best resource to invest to your life, especially in these difficult days. Long story short, this is the right place... I learned so many useful information, and the way he teaches is frank, and all are based on the experience ~ Aydin D
  4. The course is quite efficient. If you want to increase your life quality, just go for it. It helps that how to control procrastinating, using your time effectively, mindfulness, stress management and many more besides ~ A Çinar
  5. I am really appreciated that I took this course. Even though I haven't finished yet, I have learned so many things that I can use in my life. I am doing my master in the UK and still struggling with being productive actually. Recently, I needed to submit one of my assignment and I did not want to start to write it. After watching Percin`s videos which are really encouraging, I did finish my work in 2-3 days. Thank you Percin :) ~ P Celik
  6. It is not an education that takes you from 0 to 100 because such an education is not possible, but it is an education that will help you climb the steps on the road from 0 to 100. Miracles don't happen in a day ~ Ruchan A
  7. I have been following this incredible man for years. The first thing I wanna say is that he is one of the most fabulous persons I have ever met. His projects are also stunning because they teach me a lot of things about life itself. He shares his own experiences as soon as possible and gives some ideas about whether you should take action or not. Thank you for everything you can do Perçin. I love you so much. Best regards ~ Samet K

What you'll learn

  1. Tips and tricks on being productive in personal & professional life
  2. Time Management tips
  3. Stress Management Tips
  4. Delegation tips
  5. Automation tips
  6. Self-love & Self-respect


Anyone who is interested in improving themselves and making a better version of themselves is welcome to this course.

Course Content

18 Sections 101 Lectures 4h 43m total length

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