BodyHacker Basics Health & Wellness Masterclass

Build and sustain optimal health for the rest of your life

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Welcome to the #BodyHacker Basics Masterclass!!

In this exclusive masterclass course I download over 16+ years and $100,000 worth of biohacking knowledge, experience and research on all the major areas of health: diet, supplementation, sleep, oral health, aging and much more.

This rich course offers a detail-intensive journey through all of these valuable health areas, along with several bonus resources to help you create a practice of optimal health for life. Full of practical and research based advice, my emphasis is on "The Basics" and timeless principles of health. I also cover some critical information that is not often seen even in alternative health sectors, especially on topics like using iodine therapeutically or boron.

Lastly, the course also features countless resources on how to build a health team, plan your meals, understand supplementation, where to go for finding a holistic dentist, and many other valuable resources for your journey. These are step by step guides with links and other resources as supplemental material.

My promise to you is that the information in this course will help you build and sustain optimal health for the rest of your life. Enjoy becoming a #BodyHacker, may it bring you to great health and I'll see you in class!

Who this course is for

  1. Moms
  2. Parents
  3. College students
  4. Wellness enthusiasts
  5. Biohackers
  6. Researchers and academics
  7. Health and wellness professionals

What you'll learn

  1. How to create a healthy diet and meal plan accordingly (without dieting)
  2. How to use supplements safely and effectively
  3. How to employ health testing appropriately and understand your body
  4. How to optimize your sleep and recovery
  5. How to optimize your oral health
  6. How to age gracefully


No pre-requisites. 

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