Cavitation, Faradic & Radio Frequency Slimming Treatments

Professional Non-Surgical Body Re-Contouring

Last updated 5/2023 English

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This course pulls from a whole range of applied sciences and integrates them with professional studies in health, beauty, customer care, clinical nutrition, hydration, and exercise etc. By the time the student has completed this course, they will possess the academic and understanding to be able to integrate and apply everything learned, be able to practice safely, and effectively in these areas.

Applying Cavitation for fat lipolysis. Faradic muscle toning and Radiofrequency skin tightening within all the three major layers of the skin and muscle. Ultimately being able to offer your clients real results without the cost or risk involved in cosmetic surgery. It will also make you more financially secure as your successful client base develops and grows, you'll soon be rushed off your feet.

After completing this course you will have the required underpinning knowledge and understanding to be a safe and competent practitioner who applies slimming treatments integrating them with health assessments, clinical nutrition for weight loss and management, whilst managing the mindsets and food addictions related to weight management and weight loss for health and beauty.

Who this course is for

  1. From beginner to advanced.
  2. Anyone should find it interesting and help them develop deeper understanding of cavitation, faradics and RF as applied in professional slimming treatments.


  1. This course gave me a good insight on what to do and to look for when doing cavitation. It also made me want to get licensed. Thanks ~ Yolanda J
  2. Awesome class. Great resources. Dr. Nicky is a good teacher. There is so much wrong information regarding body contouring. Thank you for sharing the science of it all! ~ Catrina H
  3. Great Course, Easy to follow and I loved the hands on demonstrations that are included, It was just what I was looking for. Thank you!! ~ Shawnna W
  4. I learned more from you then then what my friend learned here in the US. Don't stop teaching! ~ Ms. Cinnamon K
  5. Excellent match! Lecturer is well versed and presents course with expert knowledge that is easily comprehensible. Would recommend this course to anyone looking to increase knowledge or for a refresher course ~ Leslie A
  6. This course is excellent, not only does it give a complete overview of sessions and treatments but also the science behind them and so much more ~ Angie N
  7. Excellent lesson! Clear short to the point! The written material definitely easy access for those who wants to learn and practice the services! ~ Lilia P
  8. Knowledge absolutely amazing the step by step training was like being in a class room. thank you so much ~ Amanda M

What you'll learn

  1. The consultation process from start to finish including health, safety, hygiene, law, consent, documentation, contra-indications, contra-actions, and aftercare.
  2. Professional studies including the consultation process, documentation, contra-indications, aftercare, consent, health, safety, hygiene etc.
  3. Discusses the importance of general health assessment, applied physiology, and how to undertake clinical examination, interpret the results and apply them to enhance the effects of slimming treatments. Also for baselines, ongoing monitoring, and for motivational purposes.
  4. Cavitation science (Fat Lipolysis).
  5. Cavitation clinical application (Practical on the abdomen and back).
  6. Faradic science (Muscle Toning and Lymph Drainage).
  7. Faradic clinical application (Practical).
  8. Radiofrequency (RF) science (Skin Tightening).
  9. Radiofrequency (RF) Practical.
  10. The importance of hydration and electrolyte balance in health and weight loss.
  11. Psychophysiological effects of foods. Food addictions and food intolerances.
  12. Health importance of exercise. and reducing chronic health conditions.


  1. This course is designed to be easily understood by anyone from the professional who wishes to develop or start off in this area, to those who wish to explore these fields for interest. This course is adapted from an accredited professional course and automatically carries CPD points of approx 5 = 50 hours. 
  2. On-going help and support are always just a click away. You can find Dr. Nicky and his qualified assistants and tutors across all major social media platfroms. Facebook Groups. Pages. Instagram. YouTube.

Course Content

14 Sections 21 Lectures 1h 59m total length

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