CCTV Video Footage Auditing & Investigation: Advanced

Acquire Skills to Gain Jobs of CCTV Video Footage Auditors, and Business Opportunities of CCTV Video Footage Auditing.

Last updated 4/2023 English

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The Advanced course is useful for both commercial and non-commercial users including business owners, CCTV operators/system integrators, or to anyone looking to acquire new skills to gain jobs of ‘CCTV Video Footage Auditors’, and business opportunities of CCTV video footage auditing services; for example, a facility management services organization, or a security company can get its staff to take this module and have them eventually certified as 'CCTV Video Footage Auditors'. It is reckoned that this group needs more advanced features, including investigative features and detailed reporting which can deliver business intelligence from the same.

The Advanced course revolves around the COM-SUR 'ULTIMA' version (highest version), which besides covering the topics of the Foundation course, concentrates on several more advanced features like false colors (forensics), that make Video Content Analysis (VCA) extremely easy, efficient, and standardized. The Advanced course is very useful to investigate incidents that need minute analysis of videos, photos, and images. While some specific examples are given below, most can overlap, and are relevant for any vertical. This course also explains a batch frame extraction tool called ‘RIP-IT’.

The Advanced course also concentrates on how COM-SUR makes joining of the dots easier when video is received from multiple sources like CCTV cameras, mobile phones, drones, body-worn cameras etc.

The Advanced course is extremely useful for the police, law enforcement agencies, defence forces, investigators, fraud and loss prevention teams, etc.

Think of Auditing as the Fourth Eye. It's time to open it!

Some examples that demonstrate the need for taking the Advanced course:

  • Airports may want to minutely investigate suspicious movements, left baggage, suspicious items discovered through an X-ray machine.
  • Banks may want to minutely investigate an incident of theft/fraud.
  • Commercial establishments may want to minutely investigate health and safety issues.
  • Educational institutions may want to minutely investigate movements of students and school staff.
  • Factories may want to minutely investigate production lines and processes.
  • E-Commerce companies may want to minutely investigate product handling and shipping.
  • Hotels may want to minutely investigate guest complaints.
  • Hospitals may want to minutely investigate patient care and staff safety.
  • Insurance companies may want to minutely investigate roof conditions or damaged pipes and rigs.
  • Restaurants may want to minutely investigate kitchen hygiene.
  • Retailers may want to minutely investigate staff and customer interaction.

Also, issues like wastage of resources, shrinkage, compliance and operational efficiency, risk mitigation, root cause analysis (RCA), threat and hazard identification (THIIRA), total quality management (TQM), good manufacturing practices (GMP) etc., all become easier using COM-SUR 'ULTIMA'.

The course covers interesting used cases, including how COM-SUR makes it easy for AI and ML models to work with more relevant images for the purpose of training models, thereby reducing bias.

Learn All of the Above in under 200 Minutes!

That is all it will take to learn how to achieve optimal outcomes from your existing CCTV cameras, through the dedicated and disciplined use of COM-SUR.

Go on then. Take the Course.

Who this course is for

  1. Police, law enforcement agencies, and defence forces.
  2. Investigators.
  3. CCTV installers and system integrators.
  4. Chief Security Officers, internal auditors, fraud and risk mitigation teams, loss prevention teams.
  5. Anybody looking for a job and business opportunity of CCTV video footage auditing.
  6. Anyone who wishes to achieve optimal outcomes from video surveillance.
  7. Anyone who does not want to leave CCTV cameras as 'Fit and Forget'.


  1. COM SUR Ultima is the best CCTV footage auditing and investigation software ~ Lakshmi Naidu D
  2. It is an amazing piece of information and i really loved it ~ Solomon M

What you'll learn

  1. CCTV video footage auditing and investigation using 'COM-SUR', the world's only CCTV video footage auditing software.
  2. How to audit hours of CCTV video footage in minutes in order to gain actionable insights from surveillance video.
  3. Forensic analysis of CCTV video footage using false colors.
  4. New skills to start a business of CCTV video footage auditing and investigation services.
  5. How to create audit/incident reports almost automatically in PowerPoint.
  6. New skills to gain employment of a 'CCTV Video Footage Auditor'.
  7. How to reduce data size hugely, and to create a cost-effective disaster recovery backup.


  1. Download the FREE 'HOME' version of COM-SUR. If you need a trial version of COM-SUR 'ULTIMA' and 'RIP-IT', write to us at
  2. Participants should possess basic knowledge of computers, MS Office, CCTV/other surveillance cameras, video management systems, and media players.

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