Computer Hardware, Operating System and Networking

For Any Graduates/Engineering/Diploma/Arts & Science/Freshers/Home Users/Individuals/Desktop Support/FM/Service Engineer

Last updated 5/2023 English

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This course is designed to equip the candidates for becoming an Entry Level L1, Desktop Support, Service Engineer, Customer Support Engineer, FM Engineer, Hardware Engineer and IT Support Specialist in End User Computing environment.

Candidates will learn about Desktop and Laptop Computer Hardware Technology like Motherboard, Hard Disk, Memory Processors, Assembling, Computer Peripherals Like Printers & Scanners.

Windows 10 Operating system, Understanding the latest Technologies.

Troubleshooting all kinds of Hardware and OS related issues.

In addition, this course develops the candidature/skills of the professionals to face the Job Interviews.

Home / Individual users can identify the root cause of the issues occurring in their Desktop / Laptop. On their own they can fix, troubleshoot and solve the issue, without the help of any other person .

Through this course, candidates shall also gain the knowledge to take the International Certification, example like CompTIA A+ Certification. CompTIA A+ Core Series requires candidates to pass two exams: Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002).

Who this course is for

  1. Freshers
  2. Any Graduates
  3. Level 1 Engineers
  4. Desktop Support Engineers
  5. FM Engineers
  6. Computer Service Engineers
  7. Customer Support Engineers
  8. Home Users


  1. Comprehensive course for fundamental IT knowledge. I learnt a lot about computer and IT stuff! Thank you ~ H Hilmi
  2. Yes, this course is very suitable for my career ~ S Banik
  3. I am happy to have come across this course. I've been trying to expand my understanding of computer hardware, and this course goes above and beyond. Thanks for giving me all this information, I will enjoy continuing this course ~ Eric Berg

What you'll learn

  1. Computer Hardware & Networking Introduction
  2. Understanding Computers Architecture
  3. Understanding Motherboard Technologies
  4. Understanding Processor Technologies
  5. Understanding Memory Technologies
  6. Understanding Storage Technologies
  7. Understanding Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  8. Understanding BIOS & Power On-Self Test
  9. Understanding Optical Storage technologies
  10. Understanding Safe Mode Boot Menu
  11. Understanding Printer Technologies
  12. Understanding Scanner Technologies
  13. Understanding Computer Assembling
  14. Configuring Bitlocker Encryption in Windows 10
  15. Understanding BSOD in Windows 10
  16. Understanding Windows 10 OS Installation
  17. Understanding Windows 10 Operating System & Features
  18. Understanding VMware Workstation & Installing O/S
  19. Understanding Windows Patch Management in End points
  20. Understanding Disk Management in Windows 10
  21. Understanding User Account Management
  22. Understanding Local Security Policies
  23. Understanding Network Topologies
  24. Understanding Network Interconnecting Devices
  25. Understanding of OSI Layers
  26. Understanding of IP Address Management
  27. Configuring Windows 10 in Workgroup
  28. Understanding Antivirus Management


  1. Candidates should have a basic knowledge about computers & Operating System
  2. Candidates with any degree
  3. Home or Individual Computer users

Course Content

19 Sections 43 Lectures 20h 8m total length

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