Corporate Leadership and People Management

The ultimate training for people managers consolidating the best in class tools and techniques used in large businesses

Last updated 5/2023 English

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11x videos covering the 3 key steps of people management:

Prepare and Build your team

  1. Define your Vision, Mission and Strategy
  2. Identify your team's Values
  3. Clarify your team goals
    • Lead and manage your team
  4. Credibility Self-Assessment and action plan
  5. The Trust formula
  6. The Situational Leadership model
  7. Engage your team
    • Review your outcomes and improve
  8. Review your team goals
  9. Review your direct reports performance
  10. Lead weekly team meetings
  11. Direct Quarterly team reviews

2x Bonus videos:

  1. Situational Leadership illustration
  2. Recorded talk from a Leadership seminar in London

2x Action Toolkits in Microsoft Excel:

  1. Credibility self-assessment
  2. Trust formula dashboard for critical stakeholders

Who this course is for

  1. Managers with 2-3 years of experience who want to raise their standards
  2. Recently promoted managers who want to accelerate their development path
  3. Future managers who want to maximize their chances for being succesful


  1. Very straight foward, he's totally passionate at sharing his knowledge to his students, and makes the art of managing people an outstanding experience! It's exactly the course I was looking for! ~ Antonio X
  2. There was some really great content here and will help me to develop skills that put a more structured approach to management, and provided a general framework that can be applied in any management position. Most of what's offered in this course will probably not be completely new to anyone currently in a management position, however I found it really useful to organise and arrange my existing skills and also to confirm much of what I already do (albeit with a better structure). Greg comes across really well and is clearly a natural coach ~ Daven S
  3. Yes it was a good course, gave me new insights as to how i can develop myself and become a good and more effective manager ~ Tanmoy P
  4. Yes indeed it was a good experience, got new insight about managing people, what leadership is important in corporate and how you can be ready for taking up new challenges ~ E Anthony Joseph
  5. This course has given me a great overview of a couple of very useful management tools: for sure the Situational Leadership Model, but also the Gallup questions are a real treasure to use in your team with individuals as well as for the team development. That brings me to the second big thing in my review: you're working with people, and that's also quite an important part of this course. The teacher emphasizes the importance of the team and the people behind it. Not always that clear for a lot of managers I know, but very useful and indeed helping to come to a higher level in performance as I'm experiencing with my current project team. Last but not least: the enthusiasm of the teacher is a real asset for this course. It helps building his credibility right from the start and gives you really drive to go further with the course. Enjoy! ~ T De Cubber
  6. Awesome course! Great instructor. Thank you so much sir for your knowledge! ~ Ismael S
  7. Greg is very inspiring. We feel passion, experiment and skill in its talks. All the basis to start becoming a true manager ~ B Vauris
  8. Wow the course is really exceeded my expectations, its very informative and eye opening ~ Ishmael M
  9. Greg's presentation is very informative and engaging. I can't wait to apply what I've learned here ~ J Van Blokland
  10. I really enjoyed this course. Greg takes you through some excellent information on Leadership and management but also shows you how you can become better in all aspects of your work. The course should be a blueprint for all managers and leaders ~ S Tempest

What you'll learn

  1. Measure their level of credibility as a manager
  2. Put in place an action plan on how to increase the level of Trust with their key stakeholders
  3. Know precisely how to adjust their managerial style based on the situation and the individual
  4. Lead a Vision, Mission and Strategy workshop with their teams
  5. Ellicite their team's Values
  6. Facilitate effective team meetings
  7. Define clear goals for their teams
  8. Define clear goals for their direct reports
  9. Know exactly what process and steps to follow when reviewing team goals
  10. Know exactly what process and steps to follow when reviewing individual goals
  11. Discover the world class technique on how to adapt your leadership syle
  12. Learn how to engage your people and motivate them


  1. Time management
  2. Setting goals for yourself
  3. Communication skills
  4. Presentation skills

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