Create a Compelling Product Roadmap

Learn how to grow your business by creating a winning product strategy for your business. Part of that is creating a compelling product roadmap.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Customers as well as investors want to know that you are going to be offering new and different products, services, and enhancements going forward. That is what your product roadmap communicates. This walk-through explains the 1 to2-year plan that documents short term and long-term product goals, taking you from product launch to the future incarnation of your product or service. 

Learn why your product roadmap is both a business planning tool and your rollout blueprint and why it's so important to focus on benefits to the customer (not features!).

Your Product Roadmap

Let's review exactly what a product roadmap is and its importance in the organization. Your roadmap is as much an internal document as an external one. Make sure you get your customers involved in the process. Also your roadmap is a great sales tool for prospects allowing you to communicate the future of your business.

Product Roadmap Formats

Let's review the different ways to present a product roadmap. Find the one that is most effective for our business. 

What you'll learn

  1. What should and shouldn't be presented on a product roadmap.
  2. The three different types of product roadmaps you can use.
  3. Tips on how to get your customers involved in the process.

Course Content

1 Section 2 Lectures 12m total length

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