Create a Profitable Pricing Strategy: Price Influencers

Learn about price influencers to help you create a profitable pricing strategy using proven methodology that helps customers to see the value of your business.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Pricing influencers have a dramatic impact on your ability to set pricing. The more flexibility you have the higher price you can charge and the more margin you can get. In this course, Ken will walk you through each of the eight pricing influencers and give you strategies to help improve your position giving you more flexibility in your overall pricing strategy.

Ken will also explore tactics that you can apply to your business, supporting you in setting the most appropriate price for your product or service—without leaving money on the table.

Here are the eight influencers that we will learn about in this course:

  • Competition
  • Demand
  • First of a kind
  • Uniqueness
  • Scarcity
  • Quality
  • Margins
  • Customer's perspective of value

In this course, we will work through an exercise that will help you determine the exact level of pricing flexibility you have with your product or service. The more flexibility the higher the price you can charge (and the higher the margin you can get).  

What you'll learn

  1. The impact on your pricing strategy for each pricing influencer.
  2. Insightful strategies to maximize pricing and increasing margins.
  3. Ways to increase customer's perceived value for your product or service.
  4. Determine the level of pricing flexibility (hence margins) you have in your product or service

Course Content

3 Sections 10 Lectures 24m total length

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