Create a Strategic Marketing Plan That Drives Action

Create demand for your product or service using a mix of marketing and sales techniques.

Last updated 6/2023 English

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“If you build it, they will come” may be a great movie line, but it doesn’t apply to finding customers for a new business. Instead, you need to create demand for your product or service using a mix of marketing and sales techniques. This course delves deep into acquisition strategy by outlining the building blocks of a successful marketing and sales program, from social media to net promoter scores.

Techniques for identifying the right acquisition programs for your target market and metrics for measuring the effectiveness of individual initiatives are highlighted throughout so you can evaluate programs and optimize acquisition costs as you go.

Guidelines for aligning marketing and sales activities with product, positioning, and brand strategy are included, as are methods for calculating cost per acquisition and other key financial planning data. Tactics and worksheets will be reviewed in a workshop focused on creating an acquisition plan that connects your business with its first customers.


What are you going to do to attract customers, when, and what will it cost? Your marketing plan answers these questions.

Build a Strategic Marketing Plan

What are the most effective ways to attract customers to your product or service? This video walks through three key steps in-depth: Analyzing the marketing programs your competition is using, choosing a marketing mix for your business, and creating your marketing plan.

Let's take a look at some examples of a product business and a service business in action.  

Creating a solid action plan requires that you evaluate your marketing mix to make certain you have the right balance of activity going to the right programs.

Every great marketing plan breaks down each marketing activity into its objectives and tactics. You must know the marketing tactics you will deploy or you won’t have a real marketing plan.

We will review the common mistakes that entrepreneurs and marketers make while building out their marketing action plan.


Time to put pen to paper — or fingers to keyboard. Take a look inside the planning worksheet that prepares you to write the marketing plan section of your business plan. The key to success is taking the time necessary to deeply understand your business and be prepared to run it — use this workshop and planning worksheet to do just that.

Course Guide

I recommend that you download this handy course guide to aid your journey through the course as well as great reference materials for the future.


  1. I'm not graduate from economic bachelor and English is not my mother tongue. But this course and how Mr. Ken explained the content is really easy to understand for beginner like me. Thanks to Mr. Ken for answered all of my question with a fast and easy understandable answer! ~ Diantini S
  2. Perfect timing and the insights till now are those that I was exactly looking for.... Excited to learn more ~ Yogen P
  3. Such an amazing course. You'll be able to understand and create your own business plan and you'll get a lot of valuable advices ~ A Cerimagic
  4. Lot’s of info in this course. Ken really takes you from A to Z . Just what I needed for my business to take off. Thanks ~ Hugo M
  5. I'm new to the business world and have been looking for courses with practical guidance. This course definitely provides that and so much more ~ S Slawinski
  6. So far so good! A lot of challenges I'm facing in my work place Ken has highlighted the root course, which I was not expecting. He is clear, very engaging and breaks down the jargon. He is straight talking, right down to business attitude. I've just completed the first chapter and he's restoring a little faith in me so quite excited to keep learning (I know, I sound like a nerd) ~ Harrie T
  7. This course is the right match for me as I know some about business but believe in always improving. I also want to make sure I have a solid foundation for my business so I'm positioned right for the new year, and growth ~ E Jollymore

What you'll learn

  1. Why do I need an acquisition plan?
  2. Can I hire someone else to do the sales stuff?
  3. What kinds of goals should I set for my acquisition plan?
  4. What role does thought leadership play in acquisition strategy?
  5. How can I contain sales and marketing costs?
  6. How can I prioritize acquisition programs for my business?
  7. How can I measure success of marketing initiatives?
  8. Do I really need to be on social media?
  9. How can I measure success when it comes to retention?

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