Create Three Simple Flat Vector Characters

Start learning Adobe Illustrator CC by creating some Flat Characters in this quick and easy course.

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Do you want to learn how to create vector illustrations quickly & easily and create assets for video games or animation? You can do it in this course and learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator CC by creating some simple flat character designs! This class is perfect for illustrators, graphic designers, game artists, mobile game developers and anyone else who would like to learn how to create vector graphics.

This is a great way for beginners to introduce themselves to Adobe Illustrator. Starting with a basic overview of the program, the course will help familiarise you with the tools you will need. Each step will be broken down to make understanding the process even easier, starting with creating a simple vector shape to creating your different character designs.

Follow along as we take simple vector shapes and step by step create three different character designs which can be used in your own animation or video game projects.

Please feel free to share your creations as well! 

Who this course is for

  1. Illustrators
  2. Graphic Designers
  3. Game Artists
  4. Digital Artists
  5. Indie Game Developers
  6. Artists
  7. Hobbyist


  1. Really helpful for me and the whole course make it more easier to me thank you ~ Adnan K
  2. This is really great. The instructor is unbelievable. Recommended 1000000000000%. Absolutely engaging content and way of teaching ~ M Kotantakis
  3. Great detailed step by step instruction. I used what I learned to make my own vector character for my 2D animation course project ! :) ~ Jasmine
  4. This online session was really useful n let me know about interesting shortcuts and tips while using illustrator ~ S Ahsan
  5. What an awesome course it was, especially the course instructor. He is great at teaching things. I've never passed any boring moment during this course. It feels great when you make learning fun and enjoyable. Thank you so much, Jonathan Lam :) ~ Dipta D
  6. Great course if you're decided to specialise in flat or 2d vector design. Pretty straightforward course too. No fluff up or filler lessons. Pretty great for beginners for AI vector illustration ~ Hannah G
  7. This class was really helpful for me. I've tried watching tutorials on Youtube but I'm still an Illustrator beginner and it's easy for me to get lost when they skip over steps or don't explain what to click on. I didn't have that problem in this class! And I wasn't sure that creating three versions of the same character would be as useful as doing different characters, but it helped me practice the process and feel more comfortable with it, so it was actually really beneficial ~ K Anderson

What you'll learn

At the end of the class you'll understand how to make characters of different shapes, colors and sizes to use in your projects or add to your portfolio. Through this assignment you will learn:

  1. How to create three different base characters
  2. How to create three different body types
  3. How to create different color schemes for your characters


You will need Adobe Illustrator CC installed.

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