Create Your Life Plan & Personal Goals Tracker

Create your personal Life Plan and Goal Tracker whilst being guided step by step with world class tools and techniques

Last updated 5/2023 English

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How do you manage your life?

How do you know at the end of the day if you managed to make progress towards your long term goals?

How often do you celebrate your successes?

The Life Compass is a tool that will help you take a holistic approach to your Life Plan. So much more than a simple goal tracking tool, this will ensure that each month you stay on top of what is truly important to you. It will cover all elements of your life such as health, relationships, career, finance, or spirituality.

Through this course, you will be guided step by step to build your personal copy of the Life Compass, complementary as part of this tool!

I have been using my personal life compass since 2015 and it has been so useful to help me keep my wildely important goals in mind, to direct my focus, to make the right decisions, and to use my time as efficiently as possible. It truely is part of the root of my "recipe for success" and I'm sharing it with you!

Being organized and structured in life is not that difficult, you simply need to right tools and the right habits, and it starts with this course.

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone looking to gain more productivity
  2. Anyone who lacks of a sense of purpose in his/her life
  3. Anyone who feels overwhelmed or having too much to do
  4. Anyone who finds it difficult to stay focused on the goals he/she sets for him/herself
  5. Anyone who is looking for a turnkey solution for life planning and goal setting


  1. Man! You’re giving this stuff away?! I’m 53, if I’d had this when I was 26, I’d be Elon Musk by now! ~ M Hester
  2. Great practical ways and a concrete tool to create and follow through your plans ~ Mohit K
  3. I really benefit from this course ~ A Abdel-Latef

What you'll learn

  1. Create your PERSONAL COPY of the Life Compass tool
  2. Gain control over your life and ensure you take action where it really matters
  3. Gain clarity and visibility across all areas of your life
  4. Review your critical goals on a monthly basis
  5. Celebrate your successes as you go along


  1. Just come with an open mind
  2. Willingness to finish through the course
  3. Readiness to share and learn

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