Creating Healthy Boundaries for Brighter Living

Learning to establish healthy interpersonal boundaries isn’t taught in school.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Do you struggle with saying “no” or feel like you get pushed into things? 

Do you often feel resentful or guilty? 

Do people take advantage of you? 

These are just a few common signs that you may have an issue with maintaining healthy boundaries. 

When we have unhealthy boundaries we routinely feel guilty, resentful, drained, angry, powerless, undervalued and unappreciated. 

Learning to establish healthy interpersonal boundaries isn’t taught in school. And if you didn’t have an excellent boundary-setting role model, you were left to figure this out incredibly complicated dance on your own! 

But, fear not! You are not alone. Maintaining healthy boundaries is a challenge for many folks, and I’m here to help you establish healthy boundaries for a brighter life! 

Need a few more reasons to go on this journey with me? Healthy boundaries are superduper important. 

  1. If you want to discover and live your life’s purpose, you need healthy boundaries. 
  2. If you want to feel happy, alive and fulfilled, you need healthy boundaries. 
  3. If you want a loving, fulfilling relationship, you need healthy boundaries. 
  4. If you want to hone your intuition or light working skills, healthy boundaries are essential.  

Okay, are you with me?! Let’s get started!


A beautifully insighful teaching about boundaries. Not only practical, but also spiritually sound. Thank you for this great course, it is just what I needed now ~ Jennifer C

What you'll learn

In this Healthy Boundaries for Brighter Living online course, you will:

  1. Get a clear understanding of what boundaries really are
  2. Gain knowledge on how boundaries are formed
  3. Do some boundaries myth-busting
  4. Learn you how to establish healthy boundaries 
  5. Dissolve disharmonious energetic cords (or connections) with others in a GUIDED MEDITATION


  1. There are no prerequisites for this course.
  2. This is a spiritually grounded course on Boundaries.
  3. All we ask is for you to have an open mind. 

Course Content

10 Sections 19 Lectures 1h 12m total length

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