Data Center Essentials: Power & Electrical

The power & electrical systems that support data centers and the internet

Last updated 6/2023 English

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In this course we dive more deeply into the electrical and power systems and components that support data centers. With data centers using about 5% of the world's energy and growing, these power systems are ever-expanding and improving. With the internet expected to be an essential part of our lives, the electrical infrastructure supporting the data centers that power the internet are becoming more essential to understand and support.

We will cover the many aspects of the most typical electrical systems and equipment for data centers, including terminology, standards, acronyms, operation, efficiency, and more.  Whether taking a walk through a data center or working in one every day, it is important to understand how the power around you is flowing to keep the internet humming along.

During the five lectures we will cover: 

  1. Concepts, path of power, and diagrams - typical electrical terms, power path from grid to chip, and redundancy levels
  2. Voltages and primary equipment - AC/DC power, the major electrical equipment that supports all of the data center power needs
  3. UPS systems and components - primary & secondary purposes, types, operations, and efficiencies
  4. Power distribution - PDUs, RPPs, power monitoring, controls, receptacles & plugs
  5. Conductors, conduits and breakers - protection devices, standards, sizing, switches and other devices

Who this course is for

  1. Architects
  2. Engineering design professionals
  3. Facilities operations
  4. Contractors
  5. Technicians
  6. Electrical engineers, technicians, operators


  1. The faculty with all examples, made it very interesting and make me commit to watch entire session fully focused and dedicated thank you sir ~ Mujeeb A
  2. Great course for me as starter. Will recommend it to others ~ Fred L
  3. I really liked this course. The instructor knows very well the topic and is clear in the explanation. Lectures are very well designed and presented. The course will give you an overview regarding Data Center's Electrical System, I suggest this course for everyone interested on this topic (I mean not only Electrical Engineers) ~ Biagio M
  4. It is a good match, it helps me understand the power distribution systems and the disadvantages and advantages of each system design ~ J McNish
  5. I have attended many DC training provided by Uptime and EPI, but this training is Great value for money and covers more details ~ M Nawaz

What you'll learn

  1. Introduction to data center electrical and power systems
  2. Redundancy concepts for electrical distribution and equipment
  3. Understanding of electrical equipment, systems, and controls
  4. How differing priorties and data center types change the electrical design


Basic understanding of data centers, layouts, and common terms.

Course Content

5 Sections 10 Lectures 5h 6m total length

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