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This course will supercharge your leadership and HR skills.

This course considers the critical importance of effective delegation within the context of leadership and management. This is a critical skill for those involved in the management and development of human resources today.

From a highly experienced leader and mentor, Business School academic, researcher, entrepreneur and thought leader. Robert is also involved in leadership coaching.

Develop your leadership skills now. Leadership and Management skills are needed internationally and understanding these are vital to your success. Whether you are involved in task management, interested in effective team management or improving your own or team productivity, you will benefit enormously from this course.

Leadership is a skill that is required in all sectors. Leadership: Practical leadership skills are always in demand globally. Leadership development is a great investment in yourself so well done!

This course majors on leadership and management and in particular in team leadership. It recognises the power of great leaders and delegation as a vehicle for leadership development and for promotion.

Management and leadership as delivered face-to-face in many countries is here at a low cost, accessible 24/7.

It takes a practical approach and gives hints and tips to help you benefit from being a great delegator. Whether you are an established leader, team leadership expert, a new manager, or an aspirational staff member this course is for you.

The course has been delivered internationally in the private, public and voluntary sectors to great acclaim. 

Leadership and leadership development applies to all sectors, all countries and all organisations. 

Many want to gain promotion or get promotion for team members or co-workers.

This leadership and delegation HR course does just that. From a very experienced leader, academic and consultant with a hugely successful leadership career. In terms of leadership and management and HR course certification, this leadership practical skills course offer really genuine tips on how to delegate and rocket your career and that of team members to great success.

It really highlights the ways in which leadership styles such as contingency and situational leadership combined with delegation, leadership and leadership development offers so much to HR and staff today. 

'Women Leadership' is increasingly a popular topic area today and the art of delegation does significantly improve leadership and management opportunities for all, diversity and equality of opportunity thrives on opportunities for leadership development in organisations driven by HR, HR Analytics and strong and progressive leadership.

In all, this is a vital course in your toolkit if you are to get the best, fastest and accelerated promotion for you and team members.

Who this course is for

  1. New or aspiring Managers
  2. Managers who feel overloaded
  3. Those who have been told to delegate more
  4. Managers who want to get more out of their team


  1. Thankful to Robert for efforts put in this program. I am sure that many others will benefit from the insights shared as the topic is very relevant and important to leaders across all industries ~ Mainak D
  2. Experience is very good. This course tell all important term with perfect example. Thank you for this ~ Anjali V
  3. A clear understanding of concepts which matter to understand team diagnostics and focus areas instead, of getting lost in the vastness of management studies ~ Rishika B
  4. Enjoyed watching with learning techniques of Leadership and Management ~ Lalit M
  5. A good course with many thought-provoking angles ~ A Wallin-Sjögren
  6. This is perfect, that's what i am expecting ~ A Saxena
  7. I found the course informative, well-structured and professionally presented. The course offers useful tips how to improve management skills from different perspectives. I would recommend this course to anyone who is managing a team or wants to develop management skillset for the the future ~ Iryna
  8. Enjoyed the sessions. They were very well structured and nicely delivered ~ Dr Hina S

What you'll learn

  1. The stages of leadership
  2. Types of Leadership
  3. What is delegation?
  4. Leader and follower readiness
  5. The importance of Accountability
  6. Understand the need for Authority & Responsibility
  7. How how to delegate efficiently
  8. How to get time back through delegation
  9. Avoid errors in delegation
  10. Outline the need to set up and review objectives
  11. Consider motivation of staff
  12. How to support and develop your team


  1. There are no prerequisites to this course.
  2. This course can be completed by all experience levels including aspiring managers.

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