Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Qualities

Self Assessment & Development with the Entrepreneurial Propensity Index (E.P.I.)

Last updated 3/2023 English

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For the individual who intends to start a new venture of the small business owner who wishes to improve business, this course provides the methods for you to assess your basic tendencies and to develop strategies for improving your personal inclinations. The programme defines entrepreneurial actions versus simply earning money or owning a business. Throughout the world today millions dream about owning their own business, being their own boss and living their own dream. They also question their ability to be successful. Numerous assessments are available on the internet and these are usually long, tedious and conflate different aspects of entrepreneurial success.

The Entrepreneurial Propensity Index (E.P.I.) gives you a starting point, by using our psychometric tool and viewing your results, in less than an hour. The E.P.I. is a short, effective assessment tool which returns an immediate result.

The programme concludes by offering free access to a more comprehensive online E.P.I. assessment, if you wish to obtain additional perspectives of how you are perceived by others. 

The programme concludes with an exercise which provides a basis for maximising your natural behaviour, to the benefit of your business. In the process, you will broaden your understanding of what you need to do, before spending large amounts of money, to build a winning business.

Who this course is for

  1. Entrepreneurs
  2. Small business owners
  3. Unemployed
  4. Retirees
  5. Self-development enthusiasts
  6. Psychologists
  7. Business people
  8. Students

What you'll learn

  1. You will learn about your own personal characteristics and how your current behaviour may affect your business.
  2. The course includes a tool called the Entrepreneurial Propensity Index (EPI), in which you assess your own behaviour.
  3. In the process, you will also identify which areas you improve and which habits you drop completely. 


  1. People who are interested in starting their own business should take this course.
  2. Existing busines owners will also find the EPI helpful, to improve their business.
  3. Most people enjoy finding out more about themselves and will enjoy this investigation into their own qualities, even if they do not want to start a business at this time.
  4. The knowledge will be helpful for the future. 

Course Content

3 Sections 8 Lectures 40m total length

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