Easy, Quick Start into Oil Painting

Painting a unique cute bird on canvas

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Easy, Quick Start into Oil Painting: Painting a Unique Cute Bird on Canvas

Surrounded by expressive and positive images, one draws a lot of motivation for one's own goals.

Painting has changed my life and has become a daily meditation for me.
I am very happy to share my approach to my favourite technique with you today: Oil painting

This class is for beginners for oil painting who want to try out the medium with having fun with fluffy cute birds without spending too money or time on it. Just giving it an easy try!

This course is a project based workshop.

You can take one of the references I collected in my Pinterest "Bird board" or choose your own photos.

I'll show you how to:

  1. Set up your space and materials
  2. Make your very unique base on the canvas
  3. Start planning and painting in oil
  4. Make your art one of a kind

We will create cute bird painting together. This is a step by step tutorial showing you my progress and thoughts of finishing an easy painting.

Create your first piece of art in oil with me in no time as a great home decoration, the very personal surprise gift for your favourite person. 

All the materials I use in my course are very inexpensive and you don't need to be afraid to make your first brushstroke! 

You are also welcome to send me your artwork in a message here and I will give you a personal feedback. 

Thank you for booking this course, because you are the reason that drives me on to beautify the world.
Become part of my community and create your own colourful way of life!  

Creative hugs, Julie 

Who this course is for

Students that try out oil painting for the first time.


Love this easy course. Can't wait for tomorrow when I also will start painting ~ L Berckerle

What you'll learn

  1. set up your space and materials
  2. make your very unique base on the canvas
  3. start planning and painting in oil
  4. make your art one of a kind 

We will create cute bird painting together. 
I am looking forward for your creations here!


  1. Easel
  2. Canvas
  3. Stick
  4. Rag
  5. Brushes (synthetic hair)
  6. Mixing medium
  7. Cup
  8. Base colours (tempera or acrylics)
  9. Oil colors: primary red/ yellow / blue/ black/ white
  10. Cling film

Course Content

11 Sections 12 Lectures 42m total length

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