Emotional Intelligence and You

The Crucial EQ Moment - It's in the Pause ®

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In this course, you will learn some basics of Emotional Intelligence and discover how your emotions can impact your work performance. Learn to recognize your "Moments of Danger" that typically set you off so you can choose to approach things from a different perspective. Identify the stories you tell yourself that aren’t true, and discover how to be more authentically yourself while understanding the actions of others better. 

Discover the value of a pause, including the different ways you can use a pause to manage your emotions more effectively to take different action. You'll learn when to pause, why to pause, and when to act. Emotional Intelligence is critical to your success, in business and in life! Don't miss out on this course that will start improving all of your relationships today.

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

In this brief introduction, you will discover why Emotional Intelligence should be a priority for you, in business and in life. 

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Wouldn't it be great if we could instantly know people's emotions? While that is not always evident to us, learning about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can help you work more effectively with others. Learn some background information on EQ, and see what happens when people don't learn how to handle their emotions. Discover the definition of Emotional Intelligence, and why it's important for you to learn.  

The Four Domains of Emotional Intelligence

There are four commonly accepted domains of Emotional Intelligence. Once you begin to understand these four components of EQ, you will be able to start understanding yourself and others better. 

Moments of Danger

What happens to you when you get “set off” by something? Learn to recognize those Moments of Danger by being more proactive with your emotions. When you learn to recognize what they are, by feeling and naming them, you can begin to manage them more effectively. We'll dive into this so you can start to understand what your Moments of Danger might be, and when to engage or pause. 

Your Inner Monologue and Body Talk

Your Inner Monologue is always running in your head, and it helps create your emotions. Your body talk is how your body communicates with you. You will identify by getting to know how you perceive things and experience the world around you.

It's in the Pause ®

“It’s in the Pause”® is Valerie’s cornerstone concept showing us how we can all discover, practice and grow our Emotional Intelligence in the space where she believes Emotional Intelligence happens: The Pause. There are so many valuable moments and lessons we experience in the beauty of a pause. These are key moments that matter … moments that change lives. Learn how and why to pause for EQ.


You'll want to catch this EQ recap and learn about the energy you bring into a room as you solidify your learning about the basics of Emotional Intelligence.

Course Material

I recommend that you download this handy course guide to aid your journey through the course as well as great reference materials for the future.

What you'll learn

  1. Gain a basic understanding of Emotional Intelligence and why it is important to you
  2. Identify your "Moments of Danger" to help determine what causes you to react to situations or people
  3. Learn the "It's in the Pause" ® method to understand how and why to pause for Self-Management


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