Emotional Intelligence - Tame Your Brain & Cope During Crises

Learn to recognize how you handle stressful moments and situations

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Life already has stressors ... Take those and compound them with anxiety brought on by the “What in the world just happened?!” unknown of a crisis such as a pandemic, and it can leave you feeling dazed and confused! An unforeseeable level of worry is suddenly added that can impact your life in unexpected ways. Do you find yourself reacting? Looping negative thoughts? Feeling frustrated? When you are part of a team that must also serve others, proper perspective and self-management techniques can help you better control these potential states of overwhelm, anxiety or depression while creating a more balanced brain. Join Valerie to discover the anatomy of anxiety and symptoms that can paralyze you, and how to combat them for enhanced performance. You will learn important strategies grounded in Emotional Intelligence that will help you focus to improve productivity, prevent costly mistakes, and maintain a positive demeanor in the face of adversity.


An introduction to what happens in stressful times in the office and how it can impact the workload. Look at what your top stressors are. 

Life already has stressors

What are the stats and costs of stress and its impact on the workplace?

What is Emotional Intelligence and How Can it Help You and Your Team

Define emotional intelligence, and learn about the lens with which you view the world. Learn where your reality lives.

Where Do Depression and Anxiety Live? What Can You Do About Them?

Learn where Depression and Anxiety live in the brain, so you learn to recognize this in yourself and in others. Come away with tips to help support your brain, as well as understanding how a brain assessment can help you. 

Emotional Intelligence Tips to Help You Cope

In this section you will learn why it's important to name and diagnose your feelings. Also learn tips for self-care to help maintain your EQ.

How to Relate to Others in Crisis

Explore empathy and how to communicate with someone during a challenging time, incorporating mirroring and vocal tone in your dealings with others.


End the class with positive things to focus on in your life. 

What you'll learn

  1. Determine your stressors and learn to recognize how you handle stressful moments and situations.
  2. Understand how stressful emotions happen in the brain, and learn to support your brain and emotional health.
  3. Discover powerful tips to help you with self-care, while also learning to deal with others in stressful situations.

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