Emotionally Intelligent Leadership in Action

Being aware of your emotions and leadership style helps you handle yourself effectively.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Leaders know from the first time a client yells at you, an emotional reaction happens. Many people don't realize Emotional Intelligence (aka your EQ) is involved in nearly every aspect of your business. Being aware of your emotions and leadership style helps you handle yourself effectively.

Personal and social competence skills will help you guide your team to better results, enhanced communication and higher productivity. Are you aware of the team culture you are creating as a leader? Attend this session to discover how your EQ makes you a stronger, better leader, and how important your role is in creating your company culture.


An introduction into what types of baggage people are bringing into the office with them, and how it can affect your employees.

Why is Emotional Intelligence Critical for Leaders?

What is Emotional Intelligence, and how does it fit into your leadership skills? Looking at how your Self-Awareness contributes to your overall EQ, and how your team is impacted.

What Role Does Emotional Intelligence Play, and How to De-escalate Situations

Explore how to keep your emotions in check as a leader. Discover ways to look at lessons learned in life, and what we are taught that is comfortable or the way things "should" be that are contributing to our judgments and leadership styles. This section defines how we respond to escalating triggers, and gives powerful techniques for de-escalation. 

How Do You Make People Feel?

Discover what happens when a leader reacts, and how it resonates with their employees. As a leader, you pass on emotions to others. Learn what is important with regard to communication needs, and what is involved with the makeup of a company culture.

What Type of Company Culture Are You Creating?

A case study of different companies and their philosophies, and how those were reflected in their companies. Look at how differemt emotional cultures leave an imprint on employees, and discover ways to look into your non-verbals for more effective leadership.


Learn why leaders should model the emotions they want to cultivate when creating a culture of Emotional Intelligence. As the class concludes, you'll be able to see how to involve your employees in the process and begin to construct or reshape your own company culture.

What you'll learn

  1. Understand Emotional Intelligence, how it impacts workplace performance, communication, teamwork, and your leadership.
  2. Examine what other companies are doing and receive ideas on creating an emotionally healthy company culture.
  3. Identify your top strengths regarding EQ and target areas for growth in the future to enhance Self-Awareness for success.

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