Excel Advanced: Pivot Tables, Tables, Graphs

Pivot Tables, Tables, Graphs and Creating Visual Reports

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Sometimes it is easier to understand something when it is represented in pictures or some other visual medium. This also helps when making decisions, analysing trends and reviewing results. Excel is bursting at its seams with all kinds of techniques to visually represent data in a way that is organised and easier to digest. Numbers can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, so join us as we explore various ways which numbers/data can be organised and simplified by converting them into graphs, tables and other visual reports to help with decisions.

The objective of this session is to enable delegates to become comfortable with using visual aids within Excel and turn copious amounts of data into a visual expression, so as to perform better decision making.

To achieve this, we will cover the following:

Tables and Graphs

  1. Quick analysis
  2. Pivot tables
  3. Charts

All individuals who make use of Microsoft Excel as part of their daily work duties in the capacity as receptionist or other administrative area, or who are involved in various finance fields including auditing, accounting, taxation and financial management as well as individuals who prepare reports and need to be able to edit text and numbers, will benefit from attending 1 or more of these sessions.

Who this course is for

Entry Level to Intermediate Level Users.

What you'll learn

  1. Tables and Graphs
  2. Quick analysis
  3. Pivot tables
  4. Charts


Beginner to Intermediate Excel Users.

Course Content

1 Section 4 Lectures 1h 27m total length

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