Exercises for MindMapping

Last updated 5/2022 English

This cours is aimed first of all at teachers but also at parents for students aged 10-14 years, it aims to be a help in expanding the range of tools: it presents a series of exercises that facilitate the assimilation of MindMap technique.

This technique helps students organize and structure their ideas, develops creativity and improves reading comprehension. Through its structure, the use of colors and symbols facilitates and deepens learning.

The idea is to teach and practice the technique in lower and middle school, to turn it into a skill for the superior courses where the students can take adventage of MindMaps very well.

What you'll learn

With this course you can receive a tool for your work: you will be able to teach mindmapping, a technique with which you manage to develop structured and global thinking, creativity and reading comprehension in students.

  1. A sheet of paper.
  2. Color pencils.
  3. Open mind.:)
Course Content
7 Sections 7 Lectures 26m total length