Facebook Ads 2021 for Beginners: Facebook Marketing Mastery

Go from Beginner to Advanced - Learn how to create & scale ads on Facebook and generate awesome results.

Last updated 4/2023 English

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Want to become a Facebook Ads expert? Want to run ads & generate awesome results without getting any restrictions by Facebook. In this course, we will cover what most of the gurus or other courses don't talk, that is about Facebook restrictions & how to handle them.

This course is fully updated with IOS 14 update, Introduction to Business Suite and many other Updates in Business Manager & Ads Manager.

In this course, we will cover profile, page & business manager optimisation and make them suitable for advertising. We will create business managers and will cover & understand each elements of business manager and create ads account & understand ads manager. We will create ads which are compliant with FB policies and how to scale them. And lastly and most important, we will cover all Facebook policies and different types of restrictions which FB imposes on our accounts.

Facebook is strict with their policies and they will surely trouble & will create problems in your businesses, but in this course, I will cover the best practices & how to reduce the chances of those restrictions and how to contact Facebook support team if you face any problems (Live examples).

In this course, we will:

  1. Cover Ads Best Practices
  2. Know about Page, Profile & BM Optimisation
  3. Know all about Business Manager
  4. Do Page & Ad Accounts Creation
  5. Understand things you need to know before creating Ads (pixels & domain)
  6. Cover Ads creation process (running both engagement & conversions campaign)
  7. How to scale those campaigns
  8. What is Business Suite & know about Ads copy and creatives
  9. What is Ad review system and things to keep in mind while running Ads
  10. Understand Facebook policies
  11. What are different types of restrictions imposed by Facebook
  12. How to reduces the chances of restrictions & how to contact FB customer support

About the instructor:

My name is Mohit and I've been running Facebook Ads for past 2 years for my websites & online stores. I have generated many good results from Ads campaign and also scale my campaigns to the moon. With that I'm also a Shopify expert and currently running 3 online stores and bringing sales through Facebook Ads.

For past 2 years, I have gone through many up and down's. Facebook is getting strict and is harsh on all advertisers, especially if you are a dropshipper or affiliate marketer. During this period, my two Facebook profiles were shut down (mine and my brother's) in 2 weeks. After that I also got many problems while creating Ads and Facebook was continuously imposing restrictions on my other profile - My Business Manager was getting disabled, 10+ Ads account disabled, pages was restricted. It was a very hard time for me and my businesses.

Now the scenario is different. I get to know about Facebook algorithms and know more about Facebook polices, now I'm running Ads for 6 months without any restrictions and also got my Business Manager verified. There is a very rare chance that Facebook troubles me and I'm gonna tell you about all the procedures in this course and help you to become a Facebook expert.

See you inside. Thank you.

Who this course is for

  1. Beginner Online marketers
  2. Those who want to add new skills or want to learn about FB Ads
  3. Entrepreneurs who are interested in Marketing


Best for beginners, had a great time with this course ~ Ankit S

What you'll learn

  1. Profile & Page Optimisation
  2. Business Manager & Ad Account Creation Process
  3. Ads Creation Process
  4. Engagement & Conversions Ads Creation Process
  5. All about running Campaigns & Scaling Process
  6. Understanding Facebook Ads Policies
  7. Different types of Restriction & their Solutions


Laptop/PC with internet connection.

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