Facing Death ... Enriching Life

Getting past our fears

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Death is something that we all have to face sooner or later. ‘I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it’ is a common response to this inevitability. Reasonable though this may seem, we may actually be short-changing ourselves in adopting it. This is because facing up to the reality of death can actually enrich our lives by helping us to appreciate how precious life is and how important it is to make the most of it while we can.

These are challenging issues, but that makes it all the more important that we think them through, which is exactly what this course is about. It is divided into five video-based lessons that explore the significance of three sides of facing death. First, it looks at why it is important to be ‘death aware’. Second, it provides an overview of the issues involved in facing someone else’s death – for example, when we learn of the death of someone we care about or find out that someone we love is dying. Third, we explore some of the key issues involved in bereavement. Finally, we focus on our own mortality and why it is pointless and self-defeating to try and evade the fact that we are finite creatures, that death is part of life. 

There is also a module companion workbook that you will need to print out before you start the course. It contains space for notes plus an exercise relating to each of the three lessons. This is an important resource for you, as it will help to extend and consolidate your understanding and provide you with a set of notes to act as a reference source for future development.

Who this course is for

Anyone who wants to get the most out of their life, but especially people who are supporting others who are dying or grieving.


  1. Excellent content and information which brought unknown areas to my attention ~ J Henderson
  2. This is a fear based topic. It has been my experience that there is much denial as far as death goes. I have had family members and others I cared for that refused to talk about their upcoming demise which left dissention among family members when the death occurred and nothing was settled. I loved this course. It brought to light some issues I had not thought about, for example, wanting to take away the grieving persons pain, that is part of the grief process how it dishonors their loss. Great course, I feel as I'm being called to be an End of Life Doula. This adds to my knowledge. Thank You! I look forward to taking more courses ~ K Updyke-Baran

What you'll learn

  1. You will have a fuller appreciation of what your life offers
  2. You will also be better equipped to support others through difficult times and have a fuller appreciation of what your life offers
  3. The dangers associated with turning away from death will be explored
  4. You will understand what is meant by ‘enriching life’


All you need for this course is an interest in getting the most out of your life.

Course Content

7 Sections 8 Lectures 1h 12m total length

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