Forgiveness Coach: Practitioner Certification - Accredited

Forgiveness through Science, Spirituality, Energy Healing & Meditation - International Accredited Certification Program

Last updated 3/2023 English

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If you want to experience good health, happiness and a balanced life, you have to make use of the power of forgiveness! This is a universal concept that has been emphasized throughout the history of mankind. This program is accredited by "The International Association of Therapists - IAOTH" and is internationally recognized! Students of this program are eligible for membership of this association at a great discount. If you are a practitioner of complimentary therapies, you are eligible for discounts of up to 70% for membership of this great association. We also encourage you to use the knowledge gained from this program in your personal as well as professional life as a therapist!

In today's fast paced modern world, there is a great need for life coaches/practitioners. Essential factors such as fast paced lives, competitive work environment, noise pollution, family conflicts and financial pressure all result in a high stress life conditions. This can very easily manifest as physical, emotional and mental illness and diseases. 

A lot of individuals try to relax through social media, television, drinking, overeating, drugs and look for various other ways to vent and destress. The function of a coach/practitioner is to provide a supportive environment where the client feels satisfied with the knowledge and suggestions given by the therapist. Clients should be given holistic techniques and practical tools that can be applied through the course of their lives.

Doctors, scientists, philosophers and enlightened masters have all emphasized on how essential it is to forgive. Forgiveness and Unconditional Love have many different aspects to it, it's an art that takes time to learn. This program offers the basic tools and foundation to help start your journey towards forgiveness and love. Through scientific research and universal spiritual teachings, you will learn about the life changing benefits of forgiveness.

This course explains diverse spiritual concepts such as meditation, the age of your soul, the universal law of karma and life after death! If you have a basic understanding of the universal laws of consciousness, it prepares you to become a good practitioner. This course offers knowledge from different spiritual perspectives to enhance your understanding of consciousness so you can use these tools to guide others. 

This program also makes references to the knowledge given by various spiritual teachers, doctors, scientists, phd's and researchers. There is a guided meditation with soft music in the background. There is a demonstration of a very simple and powerful breathing technique. You will also learn very powerful energy healing techniques that can very easily be taught to your clients! This is a complete program that uses diversified methods to help achieve balance on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual!

Who this course is for

Anyone interested in being a Forgiveness and Spiritual coach/practitioner.


  1. Very educational and inspirational course. I enjoyed every minute of it and definitely look forward to future courses! ~ Aaron Tuatagaloa 
  2. Thank you so much for this course. This course has reaffirmed many of my beliefs and ideas about spirituality. I would recommend this to anyone, both a self-started and an advanced spiritual learner. The course is self-paced and provides many examples. It definitely helps how the instructor paces the lectures, they are not rushed. For me personally, the graphics and pictures have helped with meditating. The visualization meditation is also very straightforward, not demanding at all and designed for everyone with again specific focus to learn to forgive. It’s an amazing bonus to have a distant healing session included, usually these cost extra. The course is not demanding but covers a lot and yet not at all overwhelming. Not only do I recommend the course but also contacting the instructor for further reference to progress and work on the spiritual growth ~ Iveta Lewis 
  3. Just finished this program. It was very informative, easy to understand and it really gave me a bigger picture of what forgiveness actually is. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! ~ Aurora
  4. Highly recommended. Great teaching. Great teacher 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 ~ S H  A
  5. The Deep Breathing Technique was amazing. Such a great feeling ~ Stephanie G
  6. Excellent Course And Lecture. You learn so much on the power of forgiveness ~ Tymeisha L
  7. Great class, great meditation, and great information ~ Joanne K
  8. The older you get, the more that you find that You did not deal with, the need to Forgive Daily, after you have done a thourough evaluation within yourself, will give you Inner Peace to Love and Share Love with others...others will notice and follow The Glow that you are a Reflection of Love from within! ~ Donna A
  9. This Forgiveness Certification course by Mohmood was wonderful. The information was concise and to the point. The lectures were easy to follow. In addition to the variety in the course content, there are practical exercises and demonstrations that offer a foundation to build on. I highly recommend the course. Great for beginners and a wonderful refresher for the forgiveness enthusiast. The information allows one to open the heart and start to discover an inner peace. Enjoy the teachings.! ~ Tamee K
  10. Wow absolutely loved this course.. I highly recommend. Thank you so much Mahmood, very well explained and the meditation is awesome ~ Karen W

What you'll learn

  1. This is a Forgiveness Coach/Practitioner Certification Program - Accredited
  2. Use fundamental concepts based on Science and Spirituality for Forgiveness
  3. Learn energy healing techniques
  4. Learn deep breathing techniques
  5. Experience a special guided meditation on Forgiveness
  6. Learn about the importance of Unconditional Love
  7. Through forgiveness, experience a happy, healthy & balanced life
  8. Receive a distant energy healing session
  9. Forgiveness is a universal concept


There are no requirements or prerequisites needed to take this program.

Course Content

11 Sections 28 Lectures 1h 12m total length

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