Giving Feedback and Managing Differences

Improve your own results by helping others around you see the need to maintain, improve or change their performance.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Do you need to steer the performance of others - and would like to make doing so more effective and comfortable for all?

This workshop is specifically designed to deliver the critical skills and processes required to help you give the feedback to others that produces observable and positive results – for all concerned. You will build on your confidence and ability to be a trusted source of support/guidance for others; one that will be respected as being fair and focused on the right outcomes and interests, helping them achieve the goals that they have. And when and if, despite the best of feedback, things don’t go the way they should you will have a clear and powerful way of dealing with it.

Giving feedback and managing differences correctly will help get the job done right without damaging relationships, which means that you can reach or exceed your goals more easily.

If you are in or aspiring to a leadership or management position, being someone who can give timely and effective feedback in a way that is respected and often asked for can greatly increase your value to the organisation.

You can probably see some connections to your personal life as well.

This workshop ensures that it’s easy for you to acquire these skills and processes. More importantly, the learning methodology and included activities/assignments help you to practice for mastery, personalise to your own style and approach, and apply these skills precisely to the reality of your role and the day-to-day situations you face.

We will be using the downloadable Giving Feedback and Managing Differences Workbook resource; this has copies of key slides and notes, Application Exercises and Assignments to be done during and after the Workshop, Self-Assessment test for mastery, Action Plans for ongoing development and to help meet future challenges and further information with links

Content List

  1. What exactly is “Feedback” – in relation to other forms of communication. Its place, benefits and limitations.
  2. The Value of giving feedback – to the coached, to you and to other parties. The “Why”.
  3. The Social/Business Compact – what it means for feedback today.
  4. Barriers to giving feedback and overcoming them.
  5. Feedback for your Peers or your "Boss".
  6. Types of feedback.
  7. Lateral thinking exercise.
  8. Positive Feedback - CREDITING.
  9. Balanced Feedback – DEVELOPMENT NOT the sandwich technique!
  10. Negative Feedback - CORRECTIVE.
  11. Managing Differences – you’ve tried getting others to change their performance and it hasn’t worked. Now you have to change it for them.
  12. Conclusions.

This is a stand alone Workshop that is one of a series of interlinked Learning For Results programmes designed to help you succeed in today’s world.

Who this course is for

Any individual with a need to help others achieve results.

What you'll learn

  1. The critical Why, Who, What, Where, When and How of giving feedback and the different forms it can take to deliver the results you require.
  2. How to manage with strength and openness when feedback does not produce the results you need and/or want.
  3. Straightforward, Global Best Practice skills and approaches that focus on outcomes in today’s world.
  4. The Value of feedback to you, the other person and to the overall outcome and/or business.
  5. How to overcome the Barriers to giving feedback.
  6. The Social/Business compact – relationships and their impact.
  7. And this workshop is Fun!


A desire to help others maintain or improve great performance.

Course Content

7 Sections 8 Lectures 1h 2m total length

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