Graphic Design: Building A Better Portfolio

Tips & Tricks for a Standout Design Portfolio

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Tips & Tricks For A Standout Design Portfolio - eBook included!

You have only seconds to prove that you are a capable and professional designer to an online audience.

Wouldn't you want to do everything you can to secure that moment in time so you can line up your next paying gig?

No one wants to look like an amateur, especially in today's cut-throat competition. 

This class will help you:

  1. Save time on your own marketing
  2. Set you apart visually from your competition
  3. Rid your existing material from rookie mistakes that could be keeping you from getting more work
  4. Elevate your portfolio materials to pitch alongside the pros - with confidence!

If you've already taken my classes you know I talk fast, give you the TRUTH, and don't waste your time with ten minutes of "intro" slides about my family, dogs, favorite color, and hard-luck stories. We WORK here, and my own 20+ year graphic design and illustration portfolio speak for itself.

So join me for another smash-and-grab designer productivity and professional growth class full of real-life experience and plenty of downloadable future reference handouts!

Who this course is for

  1. Design Students
  2. Graphic Designers
  3. Freelance Design Professionals


  1. Another great course, seminar from Julianne, has given me lots of food for thought, great advice for when your starting out ~ J Nicholson
  2. Thank You Julianne! I got lot of ideas, tips and tricks from Your class ~ A Tuulemets
  3. I love the content is absolutely great !! Very good points she put out there !! English is my second lenguage and I could understand everything !!!! Have great studies !!! ~ Dandara C

What you'll learn

  1. Tips & Tricks For A Standout Portfolio
  2. Using PSD MockUps - Step-By-Step Tutorial
  3. Writing Your Artists Statement / Biography
  4. How To Avoid Rookie Mistakes
  5. Professional Pointers & Details Prospective Clients Notice


  1. A VERY basic understanding of Photoshop
  2. A Desire To Build A Higher Profile Client List

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