Handling Objections: Selling Skills

Improve your results by generating interest and removing obstacles to sales. For anyone in a competitive sales situation.

Last updated 10/2022 English

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Looking for more ways you can convert new opportunities to revenue and ways to protect your profit margins in the sales that you make?

This workshop is specifically designed to deliver the critical skills, processes and thinking required to:

  1. Help you maximise potential sales in situations where the suspect, prospect or customer sees no need or requirement, increasing your market share
  2. Effectively manage and efficiently overcome the customer misgivings and objections (particularly price!) that are often a natural part of any buying/selling situation, increasing your profit contribution and positively impacting the bottom line

And do so naturally, with confidence.

Whether you are:

  1. A Global Account Director, a Sales Manager, or a new hire in a sales role
  2. Rewarded by commission based on revenue or profit or on a stonking great salary with preferential share options
  3. In a sales environment where you manage long term complex relationships or need to make a sale in one customer interaction

You probably already know how important the competencies of working through customer apathy and resistance are – it’s a part of your job if you are required to sell.

This workshop will help you acquire those competencies or brush up on them; master them, or serve as a reinforcement of their true value in helping you reach or exceed your goals more easily.

You may even see ways these competencies will benefit your personal life as well.

This workshop ensures that it’s easy for you to acquire these skills and processes. More importantly, the learning methodology and included activities/assignments help you to practice for mastery, personalise to your own style and approach, and apply these skills precisely to the reality of your role and the day-to-day situations you face.

We will be using the downloadable Handling Objections Selling Skills Workbook resource; this has copies of key slides and notes, Application Exercises and Assignments to be done during and after the Workshop, Self-Assessment test for mastery, Action Plans for ongoing development and to help meet future challenges and further information with links.

This is a stand alone Workshop that is one of a series of interlinked Learning For Results programmes designed to help you succeed in today’s world.

Note: This workshop mentions but does not cover in any depth the core Four Essential skills of selling. The workshop “Selling Skills – Professional Best Practice” focuses on that area.

Content List

  1. The Value of the Salesperson today and tomorrow
  2. What is Successful Selling?
  3. The Skill of Earning The Right
  4. Working Through customer Apathy to generate interest and desire to move forward
  5. Clarifying Customer Misgivings and clearing them up
  6. Handling Objections – of all kinds, particularly price
  7. Conclusions

Who this course is for

Anyone with a need to improve their ability in generating interest and overcoming objections.


The way Steve explains the ways to deal with customers is great, I have had my teams apply these methods and can say it really works. Its all about thinking and finding a way to respond to the customers in a good way. This is one of the best trainings I have seen in many years ~ Dereck D

What you'll learn

  1. How to win more new business from new and existing customers, and how to protect profit margins in sales situations
  2. How to manage and overcome customer misgivings and objections (price!), with full focus on the Purpose, the Timing and the How of these Skills
  3. Straightforward, Global Best Practice skills and approaches that focus on outcomes in today’s world
  4. The tangible customer Value the Salespersons’ behaviour can add with a professional sales approach
  5. Why suspects, prospects and customers might say “no” and what to do
  6. And this workshop is Fun!


May be useful to do the Selling Skills - Professional Best Practice workshop first.

Course Content

7 Sections 8 Lectures 1h 24m total length

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