How to Attract Your Soulmate

Discover what the Law of Attraction is, and how you can use it to attract your most ideal mate.

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Discover the secret recipe in How to Find Your Soulmate. Identify your custom love language, as well as a deeper understanding of why you are wired in the ways that you are. Discover what the Law of Attraction is, and how you can use it to attract your most ideal mate. Realize that God/The Universe have a magical plan in store, just for you! Learn about the roles that you have played out in your past relationships, and how these awarenesses can bring you closer to your truest love. Learn several new habits, and a new way of thinking, to prepare yourself for your true love. Finally, you will anchor these personal insights with a feeling of receiving your Soulmate, through a guided visualization.

DISCOVER: Life long toxic patterns and release them. Learn how your custom love language can be brought into your dating experience to enhance your communication and connection with others.

Who this course is for

  1. Anyone who is single and seeking to find their Soulmate or Twin Flame
  2. Anyone who is unhappy in a current relationship
  3. Anyone who struggles with relationships in general
  4. Anyone who feels alone or has given up hope in finding a Soulmate
  5. Anyone who is open to relationship coaching
  6. Anyone who is willing to break bad habits and change for the better
  7. Anyone who loves to love others
  8. Anyone who is open to a guided meditation about self love and loving a Soulmate
  9. Anyone who is curious about self improvement
  10. Anyone who seeks to communicate better with others
  11. Individuals who are eager to change and improve their lifestyle physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  12. Anyone who has taken previous online courses, classes, or Life Coaching about relationships, communication, and/or identifying toxic behaviors
  13. Anyone who has been or is in counseling for relationship challenges
  14. Couples seeking validation and/or tools to optimize their relationships
  15. All religious and spiritual beliefs can be applied and combined with this training
  16. Anyone with an open mind is more than welcome to join this course
  17. All genders and sexualities may be applied to this online training


  1. This online training really challenged me! It is not fix-all-at-once training but it challenges to think about your relationships in the light of your past and to learn from your experiences. Lisa gives great tools to identify your perfect soulmate profile, tools for dating and meditating for clarity in one’s quest for a soulmate partner. There are many great tools introduced to help you reflect and understand what you want from your relationship. I loved the workbook included which is a great tool for journalling along the course. I will definitely save it and come back to it from time to time to reflect how my situation or desires for a partner has changed! This is not a run-through course! If you want to take the most of this training you must be prepared to be really honest to yourself and work with yourself to find out what are the patterns you follow and create in your life. Some of the lessons contained so much information that I needed to listen to them several times in order to grasp everything. I needed to listen some of the lessons many times to apply the teachings to my past relationships and life patterns. It seemed a bit laborious at first but the giveaway is as much as one dedicates one’s time! By taking this course I found out new tools to value myself more and to identify the problems in my past relationships. This course also has given me tools to really pinpoint what I’m looking for a relationship. I heartily recommend this training to anyone who is struggling with relationships and finding a partner! Lisa has supportive, fun and kind teaching style. She gives out many examples and she combines a lot of techniques and tools into this training. Thanks Lisa! ~ J Seppänen
  2. It took me some time to work through all of this and it was definitely not the last time watching this course. I realized that I need to be clearer and that its on me to take the next steps. I love that Lisa’s courses are deep and lightful and the same time. Let’s say dee-lighting! Thank you Lisa for sharing all the tools and for encouraging me to be a better ME :) ~ Amy T
  3. Hi there Dearest Light for that is what you become for me the more I learn and interact with you and my third eye is pulsating as I send this to you so that is universal confirmation what or biggest takeaway is trusting I am attractive to my perfect romantic partner that I deserve to be in a fulfilling marriage and there is a person out there for me I have not made any mistake just denied myself you are an absolute diamond and blessing my heart is just overflowing as I type this and hope to always remain connected with you my beautiful soul coach in every way this is your eternal wellwisher Tina wonderful angel Lisa<3 ~ T Sarup
  4. This course went above and beyond for me. I learned so much about myself, why I am the way I am, and why I’ve been in each and every relationship I’ve been in. I feel like this course has brought me so much knowledge and understanding and everything makes so much sense. I will now be able to avoid wasting my time in any type of relationship that does not serve me to my highest power. Thanks, Lisa! ~ Destinee N
  5. Excellent course. Simply love it. Awesome explanations, tools, techniques and actions. Thank you ~ P Gerlach
  6. This course is not only for those looking for their "soulmate". There is a lot of interesting information. It also helps explain why you have the friends you do and how you attract a certain type of person into your life. If you are looking for guidance on attracting the right people into your life, this course is great! ~ Christine M
  7. The is definitely essential teachings that will enhance the quality of present or future relationships. High quality video presentation with plenty of cues for introspective learning! ~ J Samuel Myers
  8. I really enjoyed this course. It helped me to realize my love language, identify the toxic patterns and learn from them. Lisa has such a calm energy and it helped to relax me and focus. I especially loved the soulmate meditation. I'm not going to lie, I cried and it felt great. Anyone that is serious about finding that true twin flame connection should take this course. You will learn so much about yourself and that's the first step ~ J L Howard
  9. Excellent information and incredibly insightful - digs into what gets in your way in relationships and what you can do to change YOU to find a happy and healthy relationship! ~ Lori W
  10. Wow, very insightful. Requires reflection, honesty and vulnerability. I am a living example of the law of attraction, this just shows it is in affect in all areas of our lives. Would definitely recommend ~ Sandy
  11. Thank you!!! Goosebumps, so true. I love learning from Lisa, always thoughtful, caring, inspiring and beautiful messages- life changing. Lisa gave such amazing insight and hope. She is so honest and I love that she is so open to share- thank you ~ S Langkau-Diderrich
  12. This was infinitely insightful and inspiring. Even if you have already found your perfect mate, this course can help you take your relationship to a higher level of partnership. I have taken several courses on everything from Law of Attraction to self-hypnosis, some more helpful than others. This short course is not only engaging, it takes the work down to the root. I have a lot of negative programming and beliefs, and this course helped me focus on where they stem from and why they need to be recognized. You get more than just, "imagine letting go of your emotional blocks and negative beliefs..." This was the first time someone said, "USE some of those toxic vibrations to ASSIST you in finding what you want and making it WORK." The meditations are powerful and include a foundation for the work, opening the chakras and finding that place to accept what is to come ~ Cristi M

What you'll learn

  1. - Miracle connections can and do happen.
  2. - What your custom love language is
  3. - What childhood patterns you are reliving in your intimate relationships
  4. - What toxic childhood patterns you may have dated in the past
  5. - What toxic habits you may have that are sabotaging your relationships now
  6. - What roles you play in your partnerships
  7. - What the benefits of your roles may have been; healthy or not
  8. - How to cut the energy cords with your ex partners
  9. - Dating guidelines to expedite finding your Soulmate
  10. - The importance of sticking with your values when dating
  11. - What some fears in finding your Soulmate may be
  12. - What the Law of Attraction is, and how to use it to find your Soulmate
  13. - Action steps to increase your vibration
  14. - How to implement a guided meditation to better receive your Soulmate


All religious and spiritual beliefs can be applied and combined with this training.

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