How to Become a Minimalist

Learn how to bring back simplicity and intention into every area of your life.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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We can ALL benefit from minimalism. 

Minimalism is NOT about extremes. Minimalism is all about helping you identify what's important in your life. 

It's a great tool to help you eliminate distractions and create more time to do the things that you love.

Minimalism can be applied to every area of your life. It's a whole lifestyle transformation that will help you design and create the life that you want to live.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, Minimalism can help you reduce those feelings and create more joy in your life. 

Because you are busy and you don't have time, this audio course is designed for you to be able to learn on the go or while doing other activities.

I personally LOVE listening to audio content while walking, driving, doing house chores, practicing sports... It's a great way to make the most of my time.

This is why I felt inspired to create this course. If you are interested in diving deeper into a specific topic, you can find more in depth video courses about home organization, paper management, finances, selfcare, meal planning, lifestyle design, and more on our profile.

It's time for you to stop feeling overwhelmed and start creating the life that you want. Especially in this uncertain time.

This course is packed with value on how to apply minimalism to every area of your life using practical and tested steps.

I have included organization, minimalism, and selfcare strategies to give you simple, yet powerful, steps that you can start using right away.

These steps worked for us and for many others we helped. I am sure they will also work for you.


  1. How to Include Your Loved Ones in Your Minimalist Journey
  2. Creating Your Ideal Week
  3. Great Ways to Say No
  4. Mastering Your Meal Planning
  5. Declutter Your Mind with Selfcare
  6. Applying Minimalism to Your Home
  7. Clutter Visualization Meditation
  8. Applying Minimalism to Your Paper
  9. Applying Minimalism to Your Finances
  10. Applying Minimalism to Your Digital Life
  11. Maintaining Your Minimalist Lifestyle

I put a lot of time and love creating this course. I hope it inspires and helps you create a better life.

Please enjoy and let me know how it goes. See you inside the course.

Who this course is for

  1. People who are wanting to bring simplicity and intention back into their lives.
  2. People who are seeking ways to reduce stress and create more time for the things they love
  3. People who are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and want to explore new ways of living
  4. People who feel that they don't have enough time and would like to be able to create more intentional time
  5. People who are seeking for a lifestyle transformation and require ideas to get started

What you'll learn

  1. What minimalism is and how to implement it in your life
  2. Main concerns and common feelings that most experience in this journey
  3. How to include your loved ones and communication strategies
  4. How to create your ideal minimalist week
  5. Meal planning strategies to master your mealtime
  6. Home decluttering and organization strategies
  7. 12 Questions to help you let go of difficult items
  8. Great ideas for giving things that aren't things
  9. Strategies to master your digital life
  10. Definition of clutter and how much clutter is costing you
  11. Benefits of minimalism
  12. How to find your own recipe to live your minimalist life
  13. Great ways to say NO to things you don't want in your life
  14. Selfcare strategies to declutter your mind and improve your mental health
  15. Paper management techniques to help you conquer your paper monster
  16. Clutter visualization meditation to help you visualize your ideal space
  17. Strategies to master your finances


  1. Be open minded to new ideas
  2. Be willing and ready to become aware of your current reality
  3. Be excited about new ways of living

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