How to Crochet a Poncho

Last updated 6/2022 English

In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to make this beautiful crocheted Bohemian-style poncho. There are four different granny square patterns and everything you need to know is taught step by step. The patterns for each granny square are available for download if you prefer to work from a written pattern. There is also a download for the supply list. You can finish this crocheted poncho with either tassels or a scalloped edge. Join me on this creative journey!

Who this course is for
  1. Individuals who love textiles arts and want to learn a new craft.
  2. Also, individuals with experience in crochet will enjoy this course.
  1. Am really enjoying this. Instructor is very responsive to questions; helpful, and encouraging ~ Jenn C
  2. Love the step by step explanations and downloads! ~ Silvy F
  3. Clear instructions and easy to follow ~ Nishma H
What you'll learn
  1. How to measure your gauge and sizing for the poncho
  2. How to crochet a traditional granny square in 3 different sizes
  3. How to crochet a circle granny square
  4. How to crochet a flower granny square
  5. How to crochet a vintage granny square
  6. How to layout all the squares in a beautiful pattern
  7. How to join all the squares together
  8. How to finish the edges
  9. How to do tassels or a scalloped edge
  10. And many tips and tricks for successful crochet project
  1. Basic crochet knowledge would be helpful, but I do show how to crochet this poncho, step by step.
  2. I give the option to make the poncho using just the traditional granny square motif, which is very easy to do.
  3. So even if you don't know how to crochet, you can learn how to make this beautiful poncho.