Introduction to Space Planning in Interiors

Learn how to plan spaces in order to ensure comfort, balance, maneuverability and of course, beautiful design.

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Interior designing is all about creating spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also comfortable & functional. A well-considered & designed space allows the best use of a floor area & has a direct influence on mood & user well being.

All rooms are first and foremost functional spaces, in which we live, eat, entertain, sleep, read, dress, bathe etc. If the room does not meet its first critical criteria of functionality – it really won’t matter how beautiful it looks!

So before you begin to consider how the room will look and feel, you need to plan the space.


All of our courses have been designed to be stand-alone courses and can be done in any order. However, if you are interested in taking all of our courses – we’d like to recommend an order in which to do them (although it’s not required):

  1. Popular Interior Design Styles and How to Use Them
  2. Design Principles & Elements in Interiors
  3. Introduction to Colour In Interiors
  4. Textiles & Fabrics
  5. Introduction to Space Planning

Who this course is for

  1. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn great interior design and decorating techniques
  2. This course is also ideal for enthusiasts, interior design students and professional interior designers who are new to their field


  1. Very much enjoyed this course. Easily explained and educative. Enjoyed each section quiz too! Thank you! :) ~ Roberta D
  2. This course is easy to follow. I just needed to brush up on some skills for a new position that I have been dreaming about for years ~ J Reagan
  3. This is a great introduction to space planning. The course clearly explained the technical considerations to space planning and good planning. I appreciated the introduction to key concepts and their significance to planning a functional and aesthetically pleasing room ~ J Ndugwa

What you'll learn

Learn how to plan spaces in order to ensure comfort, balance, maneuverability and of course, beautiful design.


A passion for all things interior design and decorating is highly recommended.

Course Content

8 Sections 8 Lectures 31m total length

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