Intuitive Healing Art Course

An abstract approach to help discover your inner-self, remove the need for perfection & heal through creative intention.

Last updated 3/2023 English

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A fascinating journey of self-reflection and discovery. Join me as I guide you down a path to discover your intuition, paint with intent and gain better access to a 'going with the flow' mentality.

A recent experience delving back into art after many years lost made me realize...

Painting brought me peace and happiness, a sense of growth and inner healing. The level of healing was so tremendous, I started to feel the need to share. So much trauma had melted away, if only others knew... maybe they could achieve a similar healing outcome?!?

I share my methods in hopes that others can benefit and heal as well from this wonderful healing art technique. Imagine a new revamped version of yourself... the one you've always dreamed of.

The goal of this course is to teach you how to paint your feelings and emotions on canvas. By doing so, they can be released into the painting allowing for the individual to find peace within the emotion. It’s like taking the bad, putting onto something and then having it transmute into wonderful healing goodness.

What this course IS?

  1. A guided Intuitive approach to healing through intent by painting our emotions, feelings, thoughts or situations on canvas.
  2. An opportunity to remove energy blocks, release fear, heal past trauma or gain courage among many other possibilities.
  3. A way to tap into your Intuition, reunite with your inner child or discover new aspects of yourself.
  4. A method to remove the need for perfection.

What this course IS NOT?

  • A course on learning how to paint or learn specific painting techniques. (Although we will be painting and I will guide you on THAT process, which I realize sounds confusing.

Who this course is for

  1. Those who seek to heal on a more spiritual level.
  2. Those seeking to release emotion or trauma.
  3. Those wanting to remove the need for perfection.
  4. Those seeking a new artistic endeavour.
  5. Entrepreneurs looking to break free from boundaries.
  6. Anyone seeking to improve or better themselves.
  7. Those seeking to gain a better view of their intuitive side.
  8. Anyone looking to release fear or gain courage.


  1. Hello! This Coursework delivers exactly what it promises! I highly recommend Mélanie Edison as a Healing Art Coach she's Amazing! No matter where you are on your Artistic Journey this Course is helpful and has reignited my spark! ~ R Ruhnke
  2. Such a great healing course! Her voice is as mesmerizing and soothing as Bob Ross'! I'm loving what I am creating, but even more importantly I love how it leaves me feeling. This art method is sure to help a lot of people create beautiful art and feel good about themselves!! ~ Robin W
  3. This was a very interesting course!! I do not have any artistic skills but I love the confidence you have to do this. I am going to try some of these techniques throughout my business!! I hope anybody who can take this course too so do it. Good luck with your endeavor Mélanie!!! Your art is absolutely gorgeous ~ Rhonda E
  4. Mel is so relaxing and amazing to watch. Her story is so relatable. I'm so happy I'm taking this course ~ M Keenan
  5. I loved the intro and very much hopeful to be benefited by the rest of the course... This course is very much made for me!!.. As an introvert I can relate to the author. Love the concept!.. Thanks!!.. ❤❤✨✨ ~ Sharbani M

What you'll learn

In this course you will discover much about yourself as you progress through your creative journey.

You will learn things such as: 

  1. To paint emotions and feelings onto canvas allowing the student to heal emotionally in an alternative intuitive way.
  2. To release the need for perfection, approaching art in an abstract unplanned way.
  3. To set intent to heal through art.
  4. To create your very own Intuitive Healing Art masterpiece!
  5. Understand the limitless possibilities when it comes to art.
  6. Comprehending the simplicity of materials.
  7. Learn an intuitive approach to art supplies and materials.
  8. To reconnect with your inner child.


Although there are no requirements to take this course. The following is recommended to ensure you enjoy the time you spend taking this course: 

  1. Have an open mind
  2. Desire to try art
  3. Interest in trying something new

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