IS-IS MasterClass

What you always wanted to know about IS-IS but were afraid to ask!

Last updated 5/2023 English

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This IS-IS MASTERCLASS will encompass just about everything you wanted to know about this extremely important protocol.

It will give you a deep understanding of how important IS-IS is and how you can implement it in your infrastructure.

This course will be filled with the details of IS-IS and how it is usually misunderstood, although it is one of the most important routing protocols that should be implemented in today's IT environment.

You will be able to follow my labs by pausing the videos and replicating what I have done.

I am a strong believer in hands-on and I believe, that in almost two decades of teaching, this is the best method for students to learn and retain the information acquired.

I have always believed that practicing is the best method of learning and therefore, practicing by doing the work and replicating what you see in my labs seems to have worked for most of my students and I believe it will also work for you.

All you have to do is follow my work and replicate it and you should be on your way to learning IS-IS!

I hope you get the information you need out of this course to apply IS-IS in a lab environment and in the real world.

Happy studies!

Who this course is for

Network Engineers, Network Technician or anyone dealing with Networks.


  1. IS-IS isn't something that is gone in-depth on for the CCNA exam study material... but this course explains it very well.. ~ B Dautreuil
  2. Great intro course, that breaks things down in a very understandable way ~ D Williams
  3. The information was fantastic ~ Alan F

What you'll learn

  1. Students will learn the IS-IS routing protocol
  2. Students will learn the IS-IS concepts & terminology
  3. Students will learn how to configure IS-IS in a single area & multiple areas
  4. Students will learn about the NSAP address


  1. Students should have a Network+ understanding of Networking
  2. Students should have a simulator or emulator (i.e.: GNS3, Eve-NG, or CML2) to practice with

Course Content

8 Sections 20 Lectures 5h 1m total length

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