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Get a complete guide to mastering interviews. Expert practical advice. Master LinkedIn, Resume CV, Interviewing Skills.

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Complete Interview Skills Training

Get a complete guide to mastering interviews. Expert, practical advice from 25 years of hiring experience.

We'll be covering long and short term interview preparation, the questions you should expect to be asked, what you should do on the day of the interview and during the interview itself. And then there are still tips for enhancing your chances of success post-interview and for future interviews.

I've been a people manager for over 20 years at some of the biggest companies in the world. I've been involved in hundreds of interviews and have built up a ton of experience in the area of hiring, interviewing and ensuring my team gets great people in.

I've also had to face some of the toughest interview processes there are as a candidate, so I know how stressful it can be and what to do to give yourself the best chance of success.

In this course I'll give you the benefit of the experience I've used to get jobs at some of the biggest enterprises there are, as well as giving you an insight into what an experienced hiring manager is looking for in their dream candidate.

Maximize Your Chances of Success

Job interviews are some of the most stressful events anyone will go through. They're full of ups and downs, taking you from the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy. It's incredibly hard to make sure your best self comes across in a short, intense interview and many great candidates slip through the net due to lack of preparation, planning or complacency.

Many of the tips you'll see in this course are simple to implement but in combination will enhance your preparation and ensure you eliminate many common mistakes from your interview.

Get Yourself Game Ready!

So let's explore a number of tips for preparing for your interview. We're going to start between 1-2 weeks before the interview itself. It's important to start this early as you'll need to do a good amount of reading and writing. Expect to spend a lot of time on the internet. Remember, if you're not preparing, then many of your competitors will be. And this IS a competition. You might perform really well, but if someone else performs better then they'll get the job.

So now it's a couple of days to game time and if you followed the tips then you'll have a solid understanding of the company and the role, you'll know the people you're supposed to be speaking to and what they're interested in, you'll have a list of killer questions ready to be asked and your interview outfit will be ready to go – perfect!

So now it's time to get set for the big day. Some tips for the few days leading up to the interview.

Game Time! Interview Day!

If you've followed the tips so far then you're in a pretty good place. Full of knowledge and research and prepared and energised. Ready to rock for sure. Now it's game day. So here are some tips to help you get the most from the day itself.

What do you want to get across to an interviewer? What type of impression do you want to leave? Or are you just wanting to be yourself and if it's good then great, if not then hey it's their loss? Well interviewers are looking for certain types of people every time. There are some characteristics that are always attractive to hiring managers, regardless of the job or position. These are positive personality traits that place you firmly in the category of nice person, one that has a great chance of integrating with the new team.

There are a multitude of scenarios that can unfold during a job interview. It's a good idea to be prepared for as many situations as you can. You never know what might happen. This lecture will guide you through a number of common scenarios that might emerge in conversation. It will ensure you are well prepared and ready for anything.

This lecture details 7 ways you can ask great questions and make sure your skills emerge front and centre to the interviewers. You'll come across as a team player, with a great attitude and also be able to use questions to change the course of the interview in your favour. We'll also talk about the 3 worst questions I ever heard in 20 years of interviewing people!

Of course you'll be doing a lot of responding to questions in the interview. That's what you're there for. So let's cover some of the aspects you should consider when answering the many types of question that can come your way. This lecture will detail some of the psychological tricks and tips you can apply when answering questions. You'll be able to give detailed, mature answers that engage and impress.

After The Interview: Tips for Boosting Your Chances Even Further

So that went well, yes? Or no? Sometimes it's very hard to tell. Well whether you got the job or didn't get the job there are still things you can do to boost your chances even further.

In this lecture we'll show you how you can make sure you have a 100% professional appearance for any interactions that might occur after the interview has finished. You're still very much under examination. Make sure you don't blow your chances with that Facebook pic you forgot to delete!

This doesn’t happen too often, but it's a scenario that you should be ready for. In fact it's only happened to me twice in a long career. But what happens when you have an interview, it goes well, and you're offered the job - You now don't want it! Let's discuss what you should do in this situation. 

This is a tough one. So how long after an interview should you be expecting to wait before being told your result?

Conclusion: Let's Review The Tips!

So there we are. A journey through the interview process from start to finish. And as you can see there's a lot to it. I hope some of these tips have given you some things you think you can act on or have highlighted areas that you may be doing wrong, or doing well. As an experienced hiring manager I've seen dozens of candidates and the ones that prepare well stand out a mile. It's very easy to see when a candidate is taking the opportunity seriously and when they are not.

Who this course is for

  1. People wanting to progress in their career or be successful in interviews
  2. Hiring managers looking to interview more efficiently
  3. Those that want to get a new job


  1. Lots of little gems in this course. The tutor is enthusiastic and shares some good ideas. And, I got the job! Thank you ~ Shane T
  2. Yes I gained many useful knowledge ~ Divya K

What you'll learn

  1. How to prepare for job interviews like a professional, long and short term preparation
  2. Questions you WILL be asked and how to answer them brilliantly
  3. Navigating the interview day from start to finish
  4. Jedi mind tricks to influence the interviewers!
  5. The psychology of interviews and what personality traits interviewers are looking for
  6. Proven interview tips from someone who has been a hiring manager at massive companies for 20 years!


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