Launch Professional Social Media Marketing SMM From Scratch

How to create a voice, a social media strategy, and exactly how to get hundreds of new customers for free from your social media channels.

Last updated 5/2023 English

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Find out how to create a voice, a social media strategy, and exactly how to get hundreds of new customers for free from your social media channels. Master Andrew’s 7 strategies for reducing your daily time investment on Social Media and learn how Andrew automates Social Media growth without spending a single dollar!

Forget paying upwards of $10,000 a month to a Social Media Marketing agency to grow your brand and drive the traffic you need from Social Media, you can do it yourself! I’ve successfully launched and scaled social media channels for over 20 startups myself and I'll show you step-by-step how to do it effectively and efficiently.

My name is AndrewStartups and I've driven 3 startups to multimillion-dollar growth using these strategies. I’ve been building growth for startups for 15+ years including social media channels. I teach unique bootstrapped social media growth strategies that you cannot learn anywhere else.

This course includes HD video lessons, money and time-saving tool recommendations and more that I've used to grow social media for brands like Tinder, LivingSocial, Hitlist, RoadTrippers and other world-famous startups. 

What's inside this course?

Module 1: Understanding Social & Developing Your SMM Strategy

Social Media Marketing is anything but one-size-fits-all. In this lesson we will go over the different ways to strategize your social media marketing plan and how to determine not only which channels you should focus on, but also what type of content you should be posting and where to focus your time, either on your pages or on other pages/groups.

Module 2: How to Automate Social Media Posting & Make it Easy!

Discover all of the tools I use to automate social media posting for early-stage startups. Cut your time investment down from 10+hours a week to 1-hour max per week. I’ll walk you through the tools and how to crush your daily social media posting.

Module 3: How to Find New Customers for Free with Social Media

Here we’ll go over the most important aspect of your early social media efforts...what I call the off-page social media marketing, the act of professionally reaching out to targeted social media users with valuable messages about your project/product/service. I’ll show you how and why to do this at scale, for free.

Module 4: How to Master Instagram for Business Growth

Instagram is quickly becoming the most valuable social media marketing tool and so I made an entire lesson on how to maximize your traffic from Instagram and minimize your time investment. Learn key tools, tips and strategic tricks to boosting your IG in no time.

Who this course is for

  1. Business Owners
  2. Startup Founders
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Marketing Managers
  5. Marketing Students
  6. SMBs
  7. Startups
  8. Social Media Marketers


  1. Very informative and very concise. Highly recommended ~ Mary H
  2. Short & simple and to the point while being inspiring. I really feel his energy inspiring to launch into this realm of marketing. It has always been intimidating, but his resources and tips are great ~ Shannon D
  3. Quick and simple understandable content ~ Prinkal B
  4. Exactly what I need to know! ~ Haley C

What you'll learn

  1. How to grow your social media.
  2. How To Create The Perfect Social Media Strategy
  3. How To Own Hashtags and become famous in your niche on Social Media.
  4. How To discover and engage with potential clients off of your own page. 
  5. How to create content and design creatives for Social very easily. 
  6. How to schedule social media posts weeks in advance and monitor success
  7. Much much more!

Course Content

6 Sections 6 Lectures 27m total length

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