Leadership Mastery

6-part series that takes you through all the key aspects of how your behaviors impact your ability to lead.

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Carol's Leadership Mastery Program is a 6-part series that takes you through all the key aspects of how your behaviors impact your ability to lead. Getting this insight and skills training is invaluable to your development as an incredible leader.

Leadership Behaviours Holding You Back 

How do you bring your leadership up to the level where you can elevate others' to be the best leaders they can be? Understanding how your current behaviours are how you and others from achieving even more is paramount to leaving a legacy that is remembered.  

This course equips you with a framework for giving and receiving feedback in a way that moves the relationship forward and understanding which behaviours you can start doing, which you might want to stop, as well as how to get your brain on board!

Preventing Your Brain From Short Circuiting Your Leadership

Does my brain lie to me? If you have yet to ask yourself this question, it is time you did. Your brain is like a computer and the programs you have been running have either been working for you or against you. This course equips you with the understanding and grace you need to understand why you do things that get in your own way of success, as well as ways to reprogram your computer, aka your brain towards Super Leader Attitudes.

Using Your Body Parts to Communicate (Not What You Think!)

We have all lost our temper or been with someone who has, or have been stuck in a conversation that we don't know how to get out of gracefully. Do you ever wonder how to approach a situation or a person in order to get the outcome you desire? What if it's a sticky situation? When should you approach them with logic, and how? What about if you want to influence them with complete purity of heart without manipulation? Have you ever had boundaries crossed and you don't know how to get back to the place where you the other person doesn't cross them? This course will take you through how to do all of that and more.

Getting your employees to MOVE IT! GOOO!!! NOOOOW!

We find it so easy to point the finger at others when they are failing you and wonder what is wrong with THEM as you find yourself blaming them for being the weakest link on your team. We have so many blind spots that we fail (hence the name, blind spots) to see the solutions of how to get others to WANT to do a better job, right in front of us. This course will give you a plan that works to do exactly that.

Conflict that BUILDS Instead of Destroys

Employees spend approximately three hours a week involved in conflict of some kind (*CPP). That's a full day of productivity each month, and 2.5 weeks a year going towards arguing instead of collaboration. This course provides an understanding as to why some people spend so much time focusing on things that don't serve them, and how we can all use conflict to build instead of destroy relationships.

How to Say No Without Saying NO!

It's not just people pleasers that find it difficult to say "No". We all do. Depending on the situation, the person, the reason.  We get into sticky situations, we have something to lose, we don't want to disappoint, make others feel bad, and a myriad of other reasons. It costs us our mental and physical health to say yes when we want to say "NO!".

This course illuminates why it's in your best interest and the other person's best interest for you to say "No" when it's feasible and HOW to powerfully say it without saying it, in a way that is suitable and effective for both parties.

What you'll learn

  1. How can I identify which behaviours to START doing right now?
  2. Which behaviours, if I stop doing, will elevate my personal brand and leadership today?
  3. How can I give and receive feedback in a way that builds relationships?
  4. How can I manage all the noise in my brain that gets in the way of my being my best?
  5. What can we do about our false assumptions, judgments, and perceptions that keep getting in the way of reality?
  6. How can I adopt the Super Leader Attitudes and reframe my limiting beliefs?
  7. Which communication approach do I take based on what I want the outcome of the conversation to be?
  8. What do I do if someone makes my blood boil, and I am about to lose control, during a conversation?
  9. Do I have to be touchy feely and use emotion in order to build relationships through conversation?
  10. How do I get others to really care about their job the way I do?
  11. What can I do with the folks that are doing well so they stay?
  12. What do I need to change about how I lead in order for them to change how they show up?
  13. How do I resolve conflict in a way that moves the relationship forward?
  14. What are the different styles of conflict and which one works best for me?
  15. Why so some people "see" and experience something so different than what we do in the same situation?
  16. How to say "No" without using the word "No" when appropriate.
  17. How you help people by saying "No" WITHOUT saying "No".
  18. Learn how to shift your thinking so that it becomes effortless to say No and pay attention to your needs while also accomplishing what others may want.


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Course Content

6 Sections 33 Lectures 1h 41m total length

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