Leadership Mastery: Getting Your Employees to Move It! Go! Now!

How to get others to WANT to do a better job

Last updated 3/2023 English

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We find it so easy to point the finger at others when they are failing you and wonder what is wrong with THEM as you find yourself blaming them for being the weakest link on your team. We have so many blind spots that we fail (hence the name, blind spots) to see the solutions of how to get others to WANT to do a better job, right in front of us. This course will give you a plan that works to do exactly that.

Module 1: One Small Change Changes A Whole Team

It's been said that it's the small things that make a difference and this is no exception. When it comes to changing how people show up at work and why they show up, it's the small changes that make all the difference.

Module 2: First Things First - Who are You as a Leader?

It's easy to blame others for their performance but maybe that's a little too obvious. Maybe we need to look at OURSELVES and ask how WE are showing up as a leader for THEM. Have we earned the right to lead?

Module 3: Who's Who On Your Team?

Many leaders try a one-size fits all approach THINKING that they are not doing that at all and that they are treating everyone as individuals, however, if you watch closely, they are leading the same way with everyone. They are coaching with the same style and using the same tools.  It's time to something different.

Module 4: Set Your Plan

Now that you understand the individuals from a different perspective, let's figure out what the plan should look like so that they will go to the mat for you when you need them most. If they WANT to come to work, isn't is so much better than feeling like they HAVE to?

Leadership Mastery Program

Carol's Leadership Mastery Program is a 6-part series that takes you through all the key aspects of how your behaviors impact your ability to lead. Getting this insight and skills training is invaluable to your development as an incredible leader.

Here are the courses included in the Mastery Program:

  1. Leadership Behaviors Holding You Back 
  2. Preventing Your Brain From Short Circuiting Your Leadership
  3. Using Your Body Parts to Communicate (Not What You Think!)
  4. Getting your employees to MOVE IT! GOOO!!! NOOOOW!
  5. Conflict that BUILDS Instead of Destroys
  6. How to Say No Without Saying NO!

What you'll learn

  1. How do I get others to really care about their job the way I do?
  2. What can I do with the folks that are doing well so they stay?
  3. What do I need to change about how I lead in order for them to change how they show up?

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