Leadership Mastery: Preventing Your Brain From Short-Circuiting

Reprogram your computer, aka your brain towards Super Leader Attitudes

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Does my brain lie to me? If you have yet to ask yourself this question, it is time you did. Your brain is like a computer and the programs you have been running have either been working for you or against you. This course equips you with the understanding and grace you need to understand why you do things that get in your own way of success, as well as ways to reprogram your computer, aka your brain towards Super Leader Attitudes.

Module 1: We Never See The Whole Iceberg

We always think we know why people behave the way they do, but we never know the whole story. This segment helps you understand what lies underneath ourselves and others and why we are all just walking icebergs, walking and bumping into each other, causing all sorts of mishaps.

Module 2: Brain Shortcuts That Get In The Way of Success

Our brain creates shortcuts for us in order for us to survive.  This segment covers why this happens and how it can help yet also hurt us.

Module 3: Is Your Brain Lying to You?

We rely so much on what our thoughts tell us, and we generally don’t pause enough to question them. Is our brain flawed? Are our beliefs, thoughts, and all the shenanigans it produces in our mind flawed? 

Module 4: Reprogram Your Brain Like a PC

If our brain is really electrical circuitry, running program after program since we were children, is it possible to reprogram it? How do we go about doing it?

Module 5: Super Leader Attitudes

Attitudes come in all shapes and sizes. Some toxic, some incredibly thoughtful and giving. Some powerful, and some are attitudes that superleaders have. What are they and how do you get them?

Leadership Mastery Program

Carol's Leadership Mastery Program is a 6-part series that takes you through all the key aspects of how your behaviors impact your ability to lead. Getting this insight and skills training is invaluable to your development as an incredible leader.

Here are the courses included in the Mastery Program:

  1. Leadership Behaviors Holding You Back 
  2. Preventing Your Brain From Short Circuiting Your Leadership
  3. Using Your Body Parts to Communicate (Not What You Think!)
  4. Getting your employees to MOVE IT! GOOO!!! NOOOOW!
  5. Conflict that BUILDS Instead of Destroys
  6. How to Say No Without Saying NO!

What you'll learn

  1. How can I manage all the noise in my brain that gets in the way of my being my best?
  2. What can we do about our false assumptions, judgments, and perceptions that keep getting in the way of reality?
  3. How can I adopt the Super Leader Attitudes and reframe my limiting beliefs?

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