Learn Real Portuguese

Learn real Portuguese with the most common Portuguese accent

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Welcome to the biggest Portuguese course on Uplyrn, and one of the highest-rated. 

Join almost 20,000 students in our courses, and learn real Portuguese with the most common Portuguese accent.

The lesson starts with a conversation and by the end of the lessons, you will be able not only to understand the conversation but to use it in daily conversations.

What do you need to know before taking this course?

Learning Portuguese is not that hard and you're going to realize that during the studying. You don’t have to learn new words by heart. You will learn them automatically. 

All you have to do is a lot of repetitions. Trust me, it is just a matter of repetition. This is the best way to learn Portuguese.

The English translation (for understanding).

The recorded conversations (for pronunciation).

The question and answer parts for active participation.

Most Portuguese learners think that Portuguese grammar is really hard because there are a lot of differences between it and English Grammar. After taking this course, your idea about Portuguese grammar will change.

Things you should know before taking this course:

  1. There are tenses that exist in Portuguese not exist in English.  
  2. There are 11 personal pronouns in Portuguese and we conjugate the verbs for most of them in all tenses not as in English.
  3. You are going to have quizzes for each unit to practice your learning.

Who this course is for

  1. People who doing business in Brazil or Portugal or any country where portuguese is spoken
  2. People who often travel to Brazil or Portugal or any country where portuguese is spoken
  3. People who live in Brazil or Portugal
  4. People who are planning for a job in any country where Portuguese is spoken
  5. People who have an interest in Latin culture and affairs
  6. People who enjoy the challenge of learning new languages


  1. Great Teacher!!! ~ T Cobian
  2. Great excellent course i wish there were more further courses like this ~ Agiusryan
  3. I really enjoyed this course. The instructor is thorough in his explanations of word use and pronunciations. He teaches words and phrases that are helpful to foreigners traveling to Brazil for business or vacation. I highly recommend this course as a good start for learning Brazilian Portuguese ~ Darryl A
  4. Well constructed and explained course, that builds your learning from the ground up ~ S Fell-Smith
  5. My wife is Brazilian and she has been trying to teach me. This course helps me get the basic structure to be able to start using it little by little in normal life. Good repetition and accent ~ M Veloz
  6. Great course, i would recommend the course to anyone ~ Ethan
  7. Professor Mohamed did a wonderful job of leading us through this course. It is obvious that he has a passion for this subject. His breadth of knowledge of and experience with languages added significantly to the course. He gave very helpful answers in the discussion, I'm very satisfied with this course, and waiting for all its parts ~ W Novaes
  8. Great teacher, great class. You could tell he genuinely cared about making the material interesting and comprehensible to everyone. Great attitude about teaching, highly recommended ~ Ava
  9. The course is fantastic. The instructor is very knowledgeable, and willing to help students. The class material was splendid and made the class enjoyable overall. I would strongly recommend this course to any other student ~ Michael
  10. Mohamed's a great instructor. Thanks for making Portuguese easy to understand. You made it easy to follow. A lot of information was covered. Obrigado! ~ D Jakson
  11. This course is well designed and the course materials are simply awesome! The instructor is very knowledgeable in Portuguese and has tons of examples, which is a huge benefit ~ Logan
  12. By far the best teacher I have had. He makes you want to learn all languages he teaches. I recommend this course to all students because of his teaching. This course is great ~ Abbey
  13. I learned a great deal from this course. I thought that the instructor, professor Mohamed, prepared excellent lessons for the course. Mohamed responses to the questions were clear and very helpful. The material for this course is also excellent ~ Madison S

What you'll learn

  1. To be able to speak Portuguese perfectly
  2. To be able to have a conversation with any portuguese speaker
  3. To be able to work in any country where portuguese is spoken
  4. To be able to live in any country where portuguese is spoken
  5. To be able to understand all the portuguese accents
  6. To be able to travel and visit any country where portuguese is spoken
  7. To be able to pronounce portuguese perfectly
  8. To be able to understand Portuguese grammar
  9. To be able to conjugate all the verbs in all tenses
  10. To be able to understand the nature of all tenses which are different from English


  1. You're going to learn how to speak and have a real conversation in Portuguese
  2. You're going to learn grammar as well, and how to conjugate the verb in all Portuguese tenses
  3. You're going to learn the Brazilian colloquial accent, the most common accent in Portuguese
  4. You're going to learn in a really different way, the lesson starts with a conversation, then in the next few minutes, you will learn not only to understand this conversation but to take part in it yourself
  5. Don’t be concerned if you don't make every response correctly, all of what you’ll be learning here, will be reviewed in the future lessons. If you have mastered 80 percent of the materials in the lessons, you’re ready to move on to the next. Otherwise you should invest more time in doing the lesson over again

Course Content

22 Sections 87 Lectures 13h 50m total length

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