Make an Animated Greeting Card GIF for Valentine's Day

Last updated 3/2023 English

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Are you looking to make your special someone a personalized gift for Valentine's Day? Why not make them an animated card that you can send with your favorite messaging app! Show them that you really care by making something creative, fun, and personal. Trust me, these make a big impression for Valentine's Day. In today's class, I'll show you exactly how to make one, including how to send it with your smartphone when it's ready.

What you'll learn

  1. This class will teach you how to animate a Valentine's Day card for your loved one. 
  2. Initially, we will look at some different examples of what we can create. 
  3. Then, I'll show you how to set up your project so it can be viewed from a smartphone. 
  4. Next, I'll show you how to add some different animation styles that we will add to your card. 
  5. Then we will animate some personalized text, so they'll know you made it for them. 
  6. Finally, I'll show you how to export the final animation and how to send it with the messaging app of your choice.


  1. The course requirements are a computer or tablet with the program Rough Animator. 
  2. A graphics tablet where you can draw directly on the screen is recommended, but is not necessary to take this class. 

Course Content

3 Sections 5 Lectures 1h 8m total length

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