Managing Work Stress

Just 3 Steps Away from calm, confidence and clarity

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This course will teach you a method that you can use in any stressful work situation anywhere, anytime and with anyone. After the course you will be confident to know that no matter how you are feeling in the moment, you are always Just 3 Steps Away from calm, confidence and clarity. 

As a physician, after over 30 years of treating people with physical and emotional disorders, I have witnessed firsthand the toll that work stress takes on people’s health, work and success. Yet most people are never taught about their stress, why they react the way they do and how to effectively manage it, instead of merely trying to numb their feelings.

I have extracted the most successful methods from my 13 years in private counselling practice and put them into a blueprint I call the Just 3 Steps Away© Method to help you effectively manage your work stress. 

In this course you will not be given superficial tools to use but you will learn how to get to the real source of your stress and tap into your higher, True Self to manage your fearful parts of yourself. I will take you by the hand and show you how to do this.

At the end of the course you will have a blueprint you can use for the rest of your life to manage work stress anywhere, anytime and with anyone, which will just get stronger with practice.

Calling Forward Your True Self to Lead

Many people just react to life’s stressors with fear, anxiety, avoidance or working harder. There is no leader guiding these reactions. This first module will teach you how to tap into the Leader within you – I call it your ‘True Self’. It is your strongest part of yourself but it is often not seen and most people don’t know how to access it when they really need it. This module will teach you how to access it anytime you want to. This is your True power.

Becoming Aware of Your Blind Spots (FEARS)

This module will explain the most common fear reactions people display, like Worrying, Pleasing and Trying too hard to prove your worth. I call these Fear reactions people’s ‘Blind Spots’ because people are often unaware when they are displaying these behaviours. You will be able to identify your top 2 Blind Spots, why you act this way and be excited to realize that these behaviours aren’t a reflection of who you are but are merely just old conditioned memories from childhood.

Preparing Your Body to Reduce Stress

This module will show you how to become aware of when you are in a Fear reactive, highly stressed emotional state and how to begin preparing your body to move back into your True Self. Using the latest in neuroscience, it will show you the specific order this transition should be done; without it you will just spiral into higher stress.

Taking Care of Your Blind Spots (FEARS)

In this module, you will learn how your True Self can begin to manage in a compassionate way instead of trying to get rid of your Fear Parts. This course teaches you why these Fear Parts are not your enemy but merely adaptive reactions to negative experiences that often happened in childhood. Then, you will learn how to tap into the wisdom of your True Self for better, more empowering options to all of your challenges.

Blueprint to Manage Your Work Stress: Putting it All Together

In this module you will receive the Work Stress Mastery blueprint of the Just 3 Steps Away© Method so you can use it anywhere, anytime, in any situation and with anyone. It is good to remember that in most life experiences, no matter how you are feeling in the moment, you are always.

What you'll learn

  1. How to identify the real causes of work stress - I refer to them as your "Blind Spots"
  2. How to tap into the only part of yourself that can best manage your stressors
  3. A quick method to manage your work stress (your blind spots) anywhere, anytime, in any situation and with anyone


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Course Content

6 Sections 16 Lectures 2h 9m total length

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