Marketing Strategy Mastery

Last updated 5/2022 English

This course talks about Marketing Strategy Mastery Every. It will be divided into 2 main parts, one the principles of marketing or the 4P's of marketing and number 2 will discuss the Effective Branding Strategy. Every Entrepreneur should have strong knowledge of the principles of marketing in order to execute any marketing strategy successfully.

Aside from the basic marketing knowledge, every entrepreneur should possess the right knowledge of branding, which most entrepreneurs fail to understand. Referring to your logo design, shape, and color as your brand can cause you to lose to your competitors because those things are only part of your brand.

Your brand is more than that. Learn it from these short video sessions, and come up with an effective marketing and branding strategy for your business.

What you'll learn

In this course, you will about the two most important components of Strategic Marketing Mastery :

  1. The Principles of Marketing, and
  2. Effective Branding Strategy
Course Content
2 Sections 2 Lectures 18m total length