Memory Improvement and Smart Study

How to Study Effectively Using a Tested and Proven 8-Step Method

Last updated 3/2023 English

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  1. Find study boring?
  2. Don’t know how to study?
  3. Get drowsy while studying?
  4. Find it hard to focus and pay attention?

If you said ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, this program shows you how to learn so you remember more for longer. Based on the science of how your brain works, the 8-step smart study method described in this mini-course is easy and effective. For the first time, you’ll have a fail-safe way to encode information into your memory.

Most students simply read and make notes. Apart from a quick review of these notes leading up to a test, they just hope for the best. Only at the moment of truth – the exam – do they realise what they don’t know.

This is what I did at high school and first-year university, with mediocre marks. Then I found a better way, and started getting superior results.

Since that time I poured my heart and soul into learning everything I could about memory improvement and how to study. I read every book on the subject and lived and breathed it.

As a result of being immersed in it for over two decades, I’m now considered an expert in this field, so I’m well qualified to help you.

Over the last few years, my friends and acquaintances constantly hassled, encouraged and cajoled me to write a definitive guide about studying effectively, so I finally gave in and shared it by publishing the book. Now I’ve recorded the video.

Imagine finding out what you don’t know at the time of learning, rather than the exam!

Once you know what you don’t know, you can assign time to master it. This brings major improvement to your study efficiency and outcomes.

This 9-lesson online course details an 8-step study method (until now available only via instructor-led workshops). By changing how you study, you’ll change your life!

You’ll be amazed how easily you learn and achieve better test results. Your grades will soar. Life will offer better choices. Doors once closed will open. And your fellow students will ask you what's the secret to your improvement!


This is precisely what happened to Robert, a Year 10 student in Australia, described as ‘above average’ and achieving in the top ten in his class. He followed this method and, to the surprise of his teachers and peers, his grades soon shot up. They asked him, ‘What’s happening?’

Now he’s completing his PhD in Biological Science with a fine career and dream job ahead of him.


Over time, I've observed some students use tactics that require more work than is necessary.

For example, the top student of a Sydney high school told me he would record himself reading aloud the information to be learned, then listen to it over and over. I asked him how many times he listened to these recordings.

His answer? up to 50 times each recording, leading up to final exams. This is a repetition tactic, and . . . oh so time-consuming!

Another high-achieving graduate told me her favourite tactic was to cover up her notes and ask herself questions about what was in her notes. For example, if she was learning about problems in developing countries, she’d conceal her notes on that topic and turn it into a question: ‘What problems face developing countries?’ This is a much easier and more efficient method of studying.

But successful study needs more than a few study tips. It needs a total learning model. In this self-paced, step-by-step program you learn an 8-step method that keeps your mind alert while learning. It’s ideal for solo study of factual material.

And here’s the good news . . . a short break after a period of total focus is an essential part of the process!

By learning how to learn using this 8-step method you’ll remember more for longer, leading to better grades and exam results. How does that sound?

Once your brain knows what’s expected of it, it works for you in exciting new ways that will simply amaze you.

So many students leading up to final exams are stressed out. Sometimes they leave it to the last minute to cram. It's not only stressful for themselves, but it’s stressful for the entire family. And they are not giving themselves the best chance for success.

When you have a study ‘recipe’ like my 8-step study method, it can make all the difference.

Nina Sunday

BA, Dip Ed
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

P.S. A school can gain an annual license to load this program onto their intranet for every student or parent to access. For details, contact

Who this course is for

  1. Student with too much to read in the time available
  2. Knowledge worker having to read reports or keep up to date with changing information in your industry? (Legislation changes, product knowledge)

What you'll learn

4-module, 9-lesson online self-paced course over 48 minutes with your Australian instructor, Nina Sunday, BA, Dip Ed.


What to bring to the online course:

  1. a textbook or article to study
  2. a pencil (to tick in the textbook)
  3. notepad to handwrite your notes
  4. coloured pens for colour-coded notes

More about your textbook or article:

  1. Please select a textbook with chapters, headings and descriptive paragraphs.
  2. You'll be writing summary notes which suggests subjects such as history, business or science would be appropriate. (Avoid mathematics, foreign language, poetry or novels.)

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